I have a genious idea!!

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    Okay, so let me get this straight, we have all these incredible scientists, doctors, researchers, working on cures for things like cancer, aids, the flu, pneumonia and herpes etc. Right? So, all of our money that we throw at these retards with glasses and what have we accomplished?

    Charaties. That's right, we have foundations that basically want more of our money to make the lives of these people who will eventually die, better.Not one of these mother fuckers has even came close to solving the cancer, or aids or any of that.But thanks to my enlightened mind i have come up with a solution once and for all.

    Quarantine and eliminate!..i nearly jerked myself off just thinking about it. 3 Steps to cure aids/cancer/everything wrong with idiots who contract diseases:

    Step 1: Quarantine; This means a MANDITORY round up and testing of every mother fucker, otherwise it's death. If we find that you have a disease, you're dick is cut off so you can no longer breed your infestation with normal people. If you are a female your vagina would be locked up through a method not yet invented, but in the process of doing so.

    Step 2: Complet cut off from the rest of society; This means absolutely NO contact with anyone diseased whatsoever, they live in their domes, we live outside in the real world.

    Step 3: Only healthy, non-diseased peoples will mate with other non-diseased peoples. This will then produce only healthy babies so that the next generations will be completely disease-free and live prosperous lives.

    Think about it, many people contract diseases from people who don't even know they have it. Eliminate those that do, and problem solved. This goes the same for deformed babies and alike. It's basically like re-calling bad food, re-call all the shitty ones( ppl with aids ) and make sure it never spreads out. The infected will die off in a couple decades and bam, that would be the end of it. I know this plan would never be implemented because of the human rights issues, but if you seriously stop and think about its the only shure and immediate way to rid ourselves of the diseased.No more awkward "get well soon" cards for terminally ill people, no more wasting money on research that promises a cure is in sight all while the scientists use the money to buy new Volvo's and Hyundai's fuck that shit!

  2. lol that is so fucked up... and didnt they find a cure for aids from some guy in Germany... or did it only work for him?

    Edit: I guess it would work, but you can still get cancer and other diseases and shit
  3. Too bad our constitution was specifically written so that things like this could never happen, huh?
  4. Oh so you mean genocide.

    Yeah lets just kill everyone with serious illnesses. Medicine and science are just to hard. AMIRIGHT!!!

    But with your "genius" mind I am sure you can figure out a way around it.
  5. no man, wed put them in "disease domes" or double d's for short.The double d's would have all the necessary things the ppl would need like supermarkets movie thearters walmarts all that shit.They would live out their lives with other diseased ppl so they wont have to feel inferior no more and they could be happy and live out their lives and as each one dies, they takes their incurable disease with them!!
  6. i concur.


  7. sounds like hitler and his plan for a super human race
  8. I doubt the government is going to round up all the sick people and cut their dicks off.
  9. i hope your bitch ass has aids - so you would be one of the first
  10. calm down man its just an idea i got, its not like the govt would actually implement it although it would work..
  11. theres no cure's because theres no profit in it;
    with "treatment" theres constant need for money to resupply.:smoke:
  12. I don't see the fucked up thing about it.
    I mean the whole cutting dicks off wouldn't be allowed.
    but say you just had every diseased man get a vasectomy and make every diseased women get there tubes tied.
    and there shouldn't be a dome, just like a barrier..a huge gate or something
    The infected couldn't make babies, but they could still fuck each other.
    That way the could still keep their dignity.
    And at the longest this process would only take 100 years. Cause basically every one dies within a hundred years.

    Think of that by 2100 AIDS...gone...finished.
    You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet
    Good idea.. it would still never happen though... It could I guess.. who knows...who cares. lol:smoke:

  13. yeah but what if one of them bastards escapes and has sex w/ a normal person to spite my idea??If you want to do it right youd have to cut off their dicks and shut their vaginas..oh and it wouldnt take 100 yrs dude it would take maybe 30 yrs tops cuz they wont get any health care just let the disease run its course naturally.
  14. What about the fact that cancer and other deceases can be caused by genetics?

    Would you have secret police watch our medical records?

    How would you get the people into these "disease domes"

    Smells of the SS to me.

  15. ppl with fucked up chromones would be sterilized but they could always adopt so thats of no consequence.As for your other queston, that is step 1.
  16. These cures need to be found for the sake of mankind and the sake of furthering science.
  17. one ounce of prevention.....
  18. Way to go for discovering Eugenics. Because, you know, Hitler practiced it with the Jews and we all know how that worked out great and all.

    This thread fails hard.
  19. Yea but I dont know, if these domes had movie theaters and stores I dont think its so bad. I wanna go get AIDS now. You know, if everyone had AIDS you could just fuck whoever you want with no protection.
  20. I don't think you can kill out cancer. every one is born with cancer. I made that part up. But still I think this idea works best with AIDS... I think the cure to cancer will pop up soon though. Aren't zombies made out of cancer or something. lol:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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