I Have A Flowering Outdoor Plant 6/9/13

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  1. When i was offered an already flowering outdoor plant i jumped at it, but, i need to know what i need to give it and do to it to produce great cannabis, the plant is about 18" tall in a 12" pot, my guy said just give it bloom but i really do not want to screw this up, this site looks to be full of smart minds on growing, so can anybody help me out??

  2. Hey I'm new here .. And don't know how to put pics on here bit if you can't put pics on here I know that would be helpful .. And if you know how to put pics on here let me know ..lol good luck

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  4. You have a few options.. Finish her in flower.. either a light box with 12x12 lighting.. or by light depravation.. Roll it inside a blacked out garage in the late afternoon.. any thing under 12 hours of daylight will finish her..
    Or just plant her in the ground and she will eventually re-veg.. grow up and flower come fall.. she will be a bit strange with a multi branched top and strange looking single blade leaves at 1st too...
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    My guy also said that's about as tall as she'll get, but i do have lights, is it possible to finish her flowering indoors? Our weather just took a turn for the worst and i don't want it being pulverized by the strong winds, and plus we really don't have a place to deprive her of light outside its pretty much open and no garage
  6. Sure you can finish her inside.. Several way to get the job done.. Box with at least 100 watts of CFL-HID and adequate exhaust fan on a 12-12 timer..
    Window light and a dark box or closet.. limit plant to 12 hours of sun a day..
    spend days outside and again control it's light to 12 or less per day.. either bring it inside to a dark closet or if small enough you can cover with an inverted trash can.. or frame of PVC pipe and 6 mil black plastic..
    It has to be really dark .. not just kind of dark.. light leaking under a closed door into a closet will screw it up as will interrupting the dark cycle at all..
  7. Thank you very very much for your help! I'm gonna give it a try

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