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  1. I'm going to start a grow soon (I already have 2 grows under my belt) and I want to know when I should be topping my plant for maximum yields. As well is it worth it to LST in the young age to up my yields?
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  3. A good time to top depends on the height you want the plant to grow. I usually top around 2 feet in veg.

    Also the earlier you lst the more tips will be produced so the earlier the better. As for yield it depends on strain sometimes more than grow method, but lst and scrog seems to be the best for high yielding

    Good luck. Also light, temp, nutrients,(right amount at right times),and co2 levels have huge impacts on yield
  4. Topping is a personal preference. The best time to do it, is based on what grow style you're using. I have a SCROG going now, and my clones were topped after their second set of full, healthy branches. This was to cause 4 new shoots to grow, and gave me the base for my SCROG.

    What's more important than the time you top, is the time you veg after you top. After topping, fimming, pinching, etc. you'll want to develop the new shoots into their full size before flipping the switch. This will give you mature sized buds. Amount/quality of veg. time has a direct impact on your total yield.
  5. i agree with OG on that one, i mean i top mine just about as soon as i can and they are established enough to not stress em (3rd node) but thats cos im a micro grower, if i were to listen to Rar's advice id never top my plants!;) they rarely even make it to 2 feet tall by the time there finished :yay: ahah, But if your growin big, id top after the 5th or 6th node or around a foot and a half to 2 feet like rar said, but as OG said its pretty situational.
  6. Alright, well I am growing with a 600w HPS in a 4x4 tent, Soiless medium. My nutes list is
    bud enhancer
    and ofc the micro grow and bloom.

    So I want like 3 feet girls.
  7. yeah...its as educational as it is funny...
  8. Ya sounds like a good setup. If you want them to be about 3 feet tall when finished than you would only veg a foot and a half to 2 ft before flowering.

    Are you gonna clone?
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    i'd LST instead of topping...my ladies never reached 3ft and i pulled 648g's dry off of 10 Jack Herer in a 5x5x7 tent and 1000wHPS...3gal pots and fox farm soil and nutes

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  10. Let it grow to 5-6 true nodes and top above the second. It'll give you four main colas. It's called uncle ben's topping method you can look it up for the actual article and more information. I did this on seven of my bitches - worked on all of em.

    Or you could lst a lot.
  11. yeah..but he said topping my plant...not plants...so to maximize 1 plant..topping is pointless...plus the healing time,for 4 main colas...i had over 20 main colas per plant...topping is better for multiplant grows...but for a plant...LST all the way and get 3x's the norm...
  12. Personal preference and differences in your grow make this question impossible to answer. The guy in the youtube vid toped at 2 nodes which i have never tried...but hey it looked like it worked for him. I will say this though....topping too soon if you are growing big will make your plant top weavy and it could even split from its own weight.
    Think about what youre using. Looks like 600w 4x4 tent. what hieght? A 600 is gonna have to ride at least 12 inches above your plant, and thats with good airflow. In 4x4 you could do like six big plants OR like i have, 12 small see of green plants. But with all that randomsness being said...dont let em go taller than 1 1/2 feet before topping otherwise you might end up with some hieght issues, cause they will get big. It all depends on strain but try to keep in mind that your plants will grow another foot after switching over to flower.
    Also something to keep in mind is topping or lsting of any kind may delay budding for a week or two if doing it right before flower time

  13. I have clones on the way, 2 White widow, 2 Shishkaberry and 1 Blue Domino.
  14. No offense but how do u have clones on the way? Being shipped?

    I was asking because if you want to cut multiple clones than don't top and just lst to get more tops. Clone before flowering

  15. Ohh I thought you were asking if I was growing from clone or seed, figuring that may be a faster for LST. I have a clone guy in my city lol. But no I will not be cloning off the plants.

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