i have a few questions before i grow

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  1. 1. Ok for my clone or even seed, is it ok if I use fox farm soil for entire life of plant?

    2. And will it be ok if I use cfl bulbs till plants are 4 inches. Then switch to mh bulb till plant is about 2 feet. Then when I want it in flowering stage put hps bulb till harvest time?

    3. I see in pics that peep set up a fence on top of their plant.. why?

    4. Can anyone explaing in detial how to hook up 3 comp fans so I could plug them into a wall outlet? Do I need 3 outlets? Or could I add 3 fans to 1 outlet?

    Plz help!!!
  2. um, i can answer one, kinda, the fence, screen of green... scrog.... look it up hahah much better explaination that ill be able to do
  3. Anyone else??? Plz??
  4. 2. sounds like a good plan, but that is a lot of vegging imo.

    4. I would forget the little computer fans they dont move much air. Is this a stealth thing?
  5. ^^^ you must not have seen some of the comp fans out there man....
  6. Ya man the comp fans I'm gunna get move air!! Its kinda stealth. Gunna be 5 feet tall 4 feet long and 2.5 feet deep.

    Y is it too much veggin??? Bigger plant is bigger yeild??? Isn't it???
  7. i think he means, for stealth haha, but with 5 feet height you have time to let that shit grow if you please. technically...you could veg that motha till it was 9 feet tall....but....i dunno how that would work indoors with the whole top and bottom being so far apart and lights hahahahhaha
  8. Exactly. This is my 1st grow room. And I'm making it bigger then most foo's out there. I think that's y they confused. But if I could id let the bitch get 9 feet sexy
  9. 1. I've never used fox farm soil, so I won't be of much help on this one. From what i've heard, it can be a bit hot for young seedlings. you might want to start in something a bit gentler and transplant to fox farm once they are a bit more established.

    2. That would be no problem. You could even use CFLs exclusively for the veg stage then switch to the HPS for flower. With probably about 100-150 watts of CFL I think you could veg a plant up to 2 feet no problem.

    3. This is a scrog (short for screen of green). The idea is that you have a screen over the plant with roughly 2" by 2" holes. You then train your plant under this during veg to fill the screen up. Once you flower you allow the buds to grow through the holes and keep the fan leaves tucked under the screen. This allows you to fill your grow space with even sized colas, increasing your yield as opposed to one large cola and smaller popcorn buds underneath

    4. You take the positive wires of the three fans, and the positive wire from an AC adapter and connect them all at the same point. You then take the three negative wires from the fans and connect them to the negative wire of the AC adapter (this is wiring them in parallel.) MAKE SURE THE AC Adapter can handle as much or more amperage as the maximum amps of the fans. The Voltage should be the same as the fans.
  10. Good shit downshift.

    Is there a way I can check max voltage for fans if I have no info on them??

    And using the screen or scrog method does it really increase the yeild
  11. I would try to google the serial number on the fans or try to identify them and look up a manual or something. That's probably the best way to find information about them.

    The scrog can definitely increase yield, as it allows you to fill your space as evenly as possible. The more even you fill the space the more efficient the plant absorbs the light resulting in the highest yields possible.

    I wouldn't really recommend this for your first time, though. You already have enough to think about without having to worry about the nuances of a scrog grow. Start with LST maybe, (low stress training). This is kind of the same idea as a scrog, but without the screen. You just use strings or even twisty-ties to hold the tops down. Good luck!

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