I have a favor to ask from superjoint.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Jack_Herrer, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Superjoint, do you think you can tell me when my payment arrives to you for order #028598. I'm putting order #025222 on hold for about 2 weeks or so. I'm only asking just in case i don't get an e-mail alert.
  2. I'll let him know about your request.
  3. He'll get back to you soon.. I hope all works out well for ya this time!
  4. thank you both.
  5. where's SJ?
  6. I told SJ about this thread when it first came up. He is very busy around the holidays and isn't the only person who takes care of things. He's the owner but has employees who also handle the going-on's of the Shop. It's a rather big business so it is very hard to grant favors to one particular customer when his customer base is so incredibly large. I just sent him the link to this thread again, though.

    Have you contacted support at all? The email is Support@grasscity.com and there is a support page at the Shop. General Feedback is for the forums, not the Shop...however, the moderators of the forums do alert SJ when customers choose this route to try to resolve issues.

    I'll even send a link to this thread to support myself.

  7. We have still not received it, was this the second time you mailed it and now with registered mail???? O hope not, because that would mean we have a problem!


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