I Have A Dream.

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  1. I have a dream.
    A dream in which the United States Government finally took their heads out their assholes.
    A dream in which marijuana is legalized and enjoyed by whoever chooses to do so..
    A dream where the hard working man can come home from a long day at work, and relieve his mind from the stresses and pains that come with living.
    A Dream where a man can walk around with a pair of red eyes and not be judged as a "junkie", "druggie", or "loser".
    A dream, where people start to enjoy the little yet lovely things that we seem to take for granted.
    A dream where a man can grow his own herb in peace and without paranoia.

    See, i yearn for change in marijuana laws more than anything.
    sometimes i sit back and just wonder what i would do if cannibus was legalized.

    i have set a goal for myself. this goal may take some time to achieve. But once achieved a believe it would bring me pure happiness. and enlightenment.
    let me take you into my vision.
    Once i get through college and have a nice paying job, i want to move in a nice 2 story house. nice furniture, nice electronics, you know, what everyone else wants. But one thing i want is a basement. not just any basement. this basement will be named "cloud 9"
    In this basement i will be sure to have a computer with an amazing surround sound system, connected to my computer filled with infinate playlist of songs.
    A 50 " HD TV, a comfortable couch. a table with countless peices and smoking aparratesis., a grow setup that will supply me with pounds of great herb seasonally.
    walls filled with endless pictures of wonderful plants and amazing artists who have been known for their love of cannibus. A water bed, and most likely more little`things that i think would be pleasurable. that is my dream

    just thought id share with you fellow blades. enjoy the holy herb:smoking:

    Carpe Diem- Seize the Day.

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