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  1. I would love to see a new world order where there is no governments for a start. But there would be a set of rules where every day people would enforce these rules if you see someone litter go and tell them to pick it up and if they dont tell all the people around that there is a litterer around and haras them untill they pick up thier rubbish. Or if you see some one steal or do somthing wrong enforce the rules on them with stangers around you.

    and with no government there would be no stupid laws.
    But there would have to be a group of people like the UN But not a Government group. It would have to be people from all over the world from every country and every state just a select few people that have done good in the community that has been voted by the community to represent there state/ country.

    No money or just one currency no usd no euro nothing like that we all use the same currency.

    And above all there would be no cars. all trains super safe fast trains that run on electricity.

    With things like this there would be no wars there would be nothing to fight over. We could all agree on what is best for the world and the people in it and life would be so much better. We could help all 3rd world countries get them education jobs and a life.

    With this type of world no one country would be striveing to be the best. We would all be working together to help each other to fix our mistakes to better our world for all life.

    Do you agree?
  2. how about no countries at all.

    one world.
  3. well it is one world.
    made up of contenents and islands divided in to countrys so we know what part of the world we are in. We cant change that. But you could live where ever you want as long as you can prove that you are worthy for living there.
  4. i think John lennon said it best in Imagine, check out those lyrics if u havnt, ull agree
  5. I think the no religion part would be the big problem because it causes so much hate in the world
    Elected representatiVes of the people, isnt this already present in modern day democracy and a step towards goVernments?
  6. yes it is present but these Government people have paid large amounts of money to represent them self with campaings. I think the people that should represent our states and countrys should not pay money to get where they are but prove they are worth of such a task. I dont know how they would prove it maby with ideas on how to better the world for all such as lowering pollotion and baning ciggerets

    And Think about this if knowone voted there would be no leader and if enough people dont vote what will they do fine us all put us all in jail when we dont pay our fines and then give us a criminal record so we cant work for them.
  7. religion ere did you get that from
  8. Governments are necessary and inevitable. What you are looking for is an uncorrupted government. Human nature ceases all chances we have at one of those though. It's a tough tough world in which we live in...

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