I have a dream... (nah but for real, it's just an idea)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Fresh Error, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. so i was thinkin - i'm only part of 2 "social groups" on GC. but i joined the 2nd one just today. and it seems like the groups are a cool idea but they never really get any activity. and i think it'd be dope if the groups were treated like threads - and you could suscribe or be auto-subscribed to them upon posting in em?

    that way everybody gets notifications, which act as reminders, to revisit the group and see what's up.

    just thought i'd share. :smoke:
  2. True Im part of like 6 or so groups but never check em cause theres never any activity. But then again maybe thats why there is no activity because we all dont check em enough.
  3. Mmm u down for three some? ;D
  4. That would be cool had vB implemented the option but, unfortunately, they did not. Sorry.
  5. bummer. you should make a suggestion to vB on behalf of all of GC :laughing:
  6. if you go to the 1st "home" page of a social group and click on "group tools" then "subscribe to group"
    any new discussions in that group will show in your user CP

    if you only subscribe to a single discussion.. then just new items in that discussion will appear.

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