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I have a crush!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, May 30, 2003.

  1. Oh my god I have such a crush on Ganja Mom, shes sooo cute!!!!

    lol ahhaha I really do!
  2. did she post a pic somewhere? i wanna seee...

  3. take in mind these all real lips, mine of course

    Attached Files:

  4. heh i'am just kidding but shes still cool'
  5. she a milf or what ? the city i work in is a pretty wealthy city so the grocery store next to work has constent milfs coming in and out all day, sometimes on breaks we will just park in the parking lot and smoke and watch the milfs pass by.


  8. yea... i second that
  9. but you know you all thought it. you just wouldn't have posted it.
  10. nah

    I have a crush on rumjil :p

    havnt seen her about lately actually
  11. Nobody has a crush on me...poo :(
  12. :: hugs hempress ::

    :: muah ::

    all love in these boards!

  13. i have a crush on rumjil too...
    and sensi...
    and amanita...
    and kia...
    and buddhaspatio...
    and hempress...
    and smokin&tokin...

    the list goes on and on.

    i love all you lady bladies! :D


  14. Ill second that ;)

  15. you seem like a cutsie(sp?) girl, by any chance do you wear glasses?

    i'd most definatley chill with you if i had the chance.
  16. hehe, you horny biatch.

    uhh... waita minute... she was quoting in agreement with me... oh.

    forget i spoke :D
  17. DIGIT! shh!

    everyone loves the hempress. shes just looking for some attention! :p

  18. haha you know it! I was just lol'ing (wait, can i dot that? lol'ing?) at the all the MILF lovers on the boards, but wait-a-minute, im one of them!
  19. you, too? I can't get enough of the girls here.
  20. hehe, yeah,
    aint they just the best!? :D

    in the early days it was rumjils charm (among other things) that kept me coming back for more... and that was in the days when i didnt even know her gender!

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