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  1. Well, I'm a girl. Let's start with that.. I'm bi, and I have a crush on a girl who is a lesbian. But the problem is she is one of my best friends. She had a girlfriend, and they broke up, and her ex girlfriend told me she had a crush on me, (I didn't do anything with that).. .. well so anyway, the girl I have a crush on she was still in love with her ex girlfriend when she knew I had a crush on her. She never said anything about it but I knew she wasn't interested.. Ok so I tried sending out other vibes, right, like I don't like you like that just as a friend vibes so that everything would be great and we could stay friends and so we did. Well noooow, she's over he ex girlfriend, because it's been a year now, and I can't tell but I think she might be into me now. She's been calling me more and inviting me to come over more.. and I always spend the night with her and usually her best friend and her share the bed but now when I come over the other girl sleeps on the couch so I can sleep in the bed with my crush.. And one time a few months ago when I got in bed late she tried starting something.. but she was a little drunk. And last weekend I asked her if I had tried to kiss her the night before and she said no, and I said must have been a dream, and she kinda liked that.. So I don't know what I should do.. If I should say something or try something? Or what!!!! Give it more time? Wait for her to talk to me or make a move.... IDK. Because I really do have feelings for her and would want to be with her, but I don't want to mess up our friendship.. I don't know.. and she was in the hospital today and she called me and wanted me to come over.. I really wanted to go and take care of her but I didn't.. What should I do!!!!
  2. :eek: whoa whoa whoa

    u ain't dead? lol i thought you were gonna ban yourself?
  3. Most people say they don't wanna ruin a friendship. If you date, and you see it getting rocky, chances are she will too. If you hit that point just resolve to a mutual friendship. But I think you should go for it. It always sucks looking back on situations and wondering, what if.....
  4. Nut up and kiss that chick on the lips.
    Bitches eat that shit up.
  5. Well you can adore her,be nice and be your self! Let it be! See what happens.

    if you think she wants you,she'll tell you the right time :).… or not!

    patients is the key! Shell kiss u! Depending on the your crush it's a 50/50
    you may shit tears,but there's plenty of fishes out there!

    if you do really like her,like you really want it in there,then make a sweet move on her :>
  6. I'd make a move and see how she'd react, because from what I could gather from your story it seems the feelings are pretty mutual.

    I had a situation where a friend confessed their feelings for me but I didn't feel the same way. We talked about it and didn't make a big deal out of it or started acting awkward around each other and we're still good friends til this day. It really all depends on how y'all handle the situation.

    Oh, and you should have gone to the hospital to visit her by the way, especially since she called you and asked you to come to see her. Even if she didn't call you should've gone, she's your friend man.
  7. it sounds like your over thinking it. Just go for it, and if you cant get yourself to do it. Then just get drunk and do it. its called liquid courage for a reason.
  8. Since she said no I presume that she's embarrassed about it and may be using the drunk excuse as a cover up. You really should have visited her when she asked, it genuinely shows that you care. But yeah, I think she likes you. Maybe you should try to make another move? Just do it at the right moment...
  9. Okay so what are you even asking us? Maybe you should have made a post in real life stories if you wanted to tell one
  10. You should hook up with her, film it, and post it here. That's the best advice I got. Other than that, I'd say go ahead and try to go for it. If you are good friends and you make the move and it doesn't happen it will be awkward for a little while afterwords but you all will both get over it and return to normal
  11. She wanted me to come over when she got out of the hospital.. but I couldn't because I had to take my little sister clothes shopping because I promised her I would already.. and I didn't get back from dropping her at her moms until 10. And she lives 30 min away. I called I think she was asleep.. but this girl knows I love her we always say I love you to each other... and we've been there for each other, there are 5 of us that are all really good friends. So I've been to the hospital with her before.. ha!

    But anyway I will take yalls advice and I'll go over there tomorrow to help out.

    And make a move at some point... I will let yall know how that goes.....

    Thanks Blades :)

  12. Heh? What? She had been drinking, I hadn't she was in bed by like 11 and I stayed up with friends and got in bed at like 2 am and she started to put her hands down my pants and try and start some stuff... then I got up and went to the bathroom and she stopped.. next day she was like yea I was really drunk.. I wanted to keep going lol I just really had to pee..

    So I guess I am going to try and make another move as you say and as everyone seems to say... I see this girl a lot, and usually friday and saturday i stay the night at her house, so I will keep yall posted.
  13. hands down my pants !! lol that sounds weird.. hehehehehe

  14. I was referring to this "I asked her if I had tried to kiss her the night before and she said no,"

    But yeah, definitely make a move! Moving-anda-grooving. Aw yeaauh :smoke:
  15. sorry i should have clarified what i meant there.. i really didnt try to kiss her the night before.. we were sleeping in the bed together right, well i guess i had a dream that i tried to kiss her when she got in bed ... when i woke up i didnt know if it was a dream or if it was true.. so she said no, and i believe her, i really didnt try.. so i said it was just a dream, and she thought that was sweet.. she liked it. make sense now... ? lol sorry !

    moving and grooving lol !!
  16. whatever u do, dont put a label on anything with yall and just go with the flow. it seems you have done that allready.

    but take your time with her. some people like it quick, she likes it slow. but dont change what you have been doing and in another few weeks you'll get what you want

    but what do you want? to get with her? or to get her to really really like you?
    if shes really really liking you allready, you allready acheived it. and getting with her will soon come naturaly and is a result of her liking you
  17. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Well I feel dumb now. :eek: lol.

  18. I want to date her and see where it goes..

  19. dont feel dumb i wrote it confusin :)
  20. go for it!

    it will give me hope for the future! see you can inspire a whole bunch of lebians/bi girls to go for it...because i certainly don't have enough confidence so i will live through you by proxy lmao.

    no in all seriousness go for it. you don't want to look back and say "i wish i had..." i have too many of those in my life and lemme tell you, it sucks.

    and please let us know how it goes :)

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