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I have a court date.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alucard376, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Yesterday, I was with two friends, and we were looking for some bud. When we finally got a sack (2.4 of mid/high grade for $20. It was such a good price!), I called a bunch of people to see if they wanted to match, but none of my usual smoking buddies could meet up at the time. So we give up that plan, and decide to roll a joint at a local park (which is usually cop free) with my last rolling paper. My friend sitting next to me in the car was breaking the weed up, when he sees a cop pull up and park behind us, blocking us into the space. I grab my little capsule and shove it into the seat crack, while my friend sits on the DVD case with the shake and the paper on it. The cop comes up and asks how much weed we have, and my friend who was sitting on he weed says that we only have a little. She calls for back up, and waits at the passenger window until this other cop pulls up. Since I paid for it, I told her it was mine. The cop that had just pulled up, walks up to the door I'm sitting behind, opens it, and the first thing he says to me is, "Sup dope head." I can tell this is going to be fun. After they search us, the woman cop searches the car, while my friend who was driving starts to have a panic attack. I try calming her down, but she gets called over first for information. My friends ended up in the clear, and I got charged with possession. Lucky for me though, I don't crack under pressure, and made some small talk with the woman cop. After a few minutes, she said I seem like an honest, good natured guy, and says that since I was so cooperative, she wouldn't take me in, and that she would make sure the other cop didn't try to bust my friends. I signed where I needed to, and had my prints taken, and then we were free to go. With little to no optimism, I felt around where I hid my capsule. Astonishingly, I found it! Since we didn't use much for the joint, I had pelnty left. So we went to a friend's house and smoked ALL of it, and had a great time :).

    Now I have a court date, and I don't know what to expect. In california, how much is the fine (if there is one)? It's just a misdemeanor, the pot was unused, I am 18, and sober at the time.
    Please don't reply with what you THINK will happen to me. I really need to figure out what I am going to have to do about this, and I don't want wrong information. Thanks for reading :) I hope none of you get caught.
  2. i gram and a half isnt a felony
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    Depending where you live.

    2 oz or less class B misdemeanor 180 days incarceration $2,000 fine (texas)
    Still not a felony, but not a good experience.

    EDIT: I'm baked as fuck and didnt read the whole post..
    But in cali it's
    28.5 g or less misdemeanor no jail time \t$100 fine

    And it's not an arrestable offence if the person getting busted agrees to appear in court and gives ID.
    So the cop didn't really do you a favor..
  4. theyll most likely drug test u.just a heads up
  5. my guess is your going to get a little fine, maybe $100 or so, and that will be your slap on the wrist. Just dont be an asshole and see if you can talk to the prosecutor first.
  6. Might be put on probation....but its Cali so depends on your judge I guess.

    PS: 1.4 grams for $20 isn't that great if its mids, but maybe you were being sarcastic?
  7. If you live in california anything less than an ounce is a misdemeanor with a max fine of $100, you"ll be fine.

  8. I can't get probation unless I was high and driving, or something more extreme than just possession. And that part was a typo :p. It was 2.4.

  9. A "max" fine? So it could be anything up to $100?

    P.S. There was probably only .1 that the cops knew of, most of it was spilled, and stuck to my friend's pants. He was about to flip the joint, so they only got the paper, and what little bud was in there.
  10. I have got two possession tickets I have already gone through in California. First one the cop found 7 grams on me. I showed up in court, didn't have to pay a ticket or nothing just had to take a one 8 hour class for $40. I never did it and I did 10 AA meetings instead. Second one was in the middle of nowhere and I got pulled over for doing over 100mph and having weed. That was only like a $400 fine. The possession was dropped to an infraction and the exceeding 100mph was dropped to exceeding 70mph.

    I am going to court tomorrow in Long Beach for possession of Marijuana in my dorm room. At the time I had my Medical Marijuana card. I showed the cop at the time and he said it doesn't matter I still get the ticket. All I have to do is go to court and show them my recommendation and then the judge decides what happens.

    I doubt you have anything to worry about. Just go in and dress nice and be respectful and you will probably get some sort of diversion program which will be a drug class. Good luck.

  11. My court date is in August, I have plenty of time to get it out of my system.
  12. if your in cali they couldn't arrest you anyway. they were just acting like they were being nice. and the fine in cali is 100 bucks and its a misdemeanor.

  13. I wasn't taken in. I was "released on the field."
  14. then if its in august ur u live in cali?

  15. It says in the original post. Yes, I live in California.
  16. You should be fine man. Just make sure your system is clear, you look nice, and you are prepared. You should just have to take a drug awareness class.
  17. Thanks everyone, you're all the reason I love Grasscity.
  18. Now, tell the class what you learned from this experience.
  19. Yah are they even allowed to arrest you for weed in cali?
  20. They can but it depends on the amount of it. I mean, there are always bigger fish ;)

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