I have a confession to make.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCannabologist, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. I would just like to say, I'm in love with jack in the box. It's so fuckin good. I'd marry a jack in the box lady just so she could get me free jack in the box. It's that good. Too bad my ol' lady is black and don't work at jack in the box :'[
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  2. I thought this was some weird fetish post until I realized you were talking about, I assume, a restaurant.
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  3. well good
  4. Is this your way of saying "jack n box" is a racist place?

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  5. Jack in the Box isn't all that great, bro.

    They're a main stay here in San Diego, so I've been eating it for 20+ fuckin' years.

    I'd choose in n out every single time.

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  6. There is no better fast food dessert option than mini mother fuckin churros. I'm sure I have said this many times before. best stoner treat x1000
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  7. Oh I love in n out. I'm from Corona, CA so I feel you on in n out. But let me say this to you, Sriracha Burger. Bacon and Swiss Buttery Jack. Tacos. Teriyaki Bowl. In n out is too one dimensional. Animal style and chili peppers are really their only way of mixing things up. Jack in the Box literally does not have one thing on their menu that is nasty.
  8. I hear ya.

    I will say that the new buns at JIB have made it more tolerable and I still hit up them up if I'm feeling the grind on my lunch break at 3am.

    I get down on their extreme sausage sammich. That one is pretty bangin'

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  9. I've never seen passion like this for a restaurant. That reads like an commercial.
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  10. I'm in Texas now, and you know what sucks dude? They closed down all the Del Tacos out here man D,:
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  11. Bummer.

    I don't eat del taco much but my roommate does. He'll grab a bag and fill it full of their hot sauce packets.

    We put that shit on everything haha

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  12. Not a bot. And don't know what the fuck a shill is. But I believe you meant to say, really passionate about jack in the box. In which case, I truly am. If the one by my house wasn't a franchise, and was open 24 hours, I'd be there right fuckin now. No gas, dead serious.
  13. Sorry, you caught me before my edit. I really thought you were marketing or something. It was a passionate promotion. I'll try one if I see one.
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  14. You haven't had jack in the crack?!?!?! Blasphemy!!!
  15. Jack in the box is owned by a dog food company, just thought you should know

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  16. Maybe I'll contact them and see if they can make some jack in the box flavored dog food so my dogs can enjoy the God given amazingness, that is jack in the box.
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  17. Stupid thread I was hoping for a fetishes thread like the second poster said.

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  18. Title was super misleading haha

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  19. Jack in the box is shitty, same with in n out.

    Only fast food I'll get is farmer boys.
    Bacon avacado natural burger, fucking blows away in n out.
  20. When I go at night they have Black's working at the one I go to. Slllooooowwwww as fuck though.
    But when I go in the afternoon they are quick when the Mexicans are working. It seems like that at all the fastfood places.
    When there are Mexicans working its quick and when there are blacks working it is slow.

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