I have a closet obsession with aquariums.

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud Rhinos, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I love getting blazed to a fishtank. Anyone else with me?

    One day I'll have a sexy ass saltwater reef in my basement.

  2. shark tanks fucking rock yo. that deep blue color with vibrant other colors in the tank? incredible!!!!
  3. did you already fucked one?
  4. Hell yea my buddy use to have an aquarium like that with some weird tropical reef fish and coral. Use to love goin over to blaze and just observe all the crazy shit that goes on between all the different lifeforms in their. Its epic while high.....
  5. ive been keeping fish as pets ever since i was 10. great fun. great hobby.
    but really its not a pet imo, its more like a plant. u feed it and check the water.
    great fun to look at when stoned.

    OP, gl with the saltwater tank. I've never had the balls to invest in salt water tanks. soooo much work and money.
  6. [​IMG]

    Enjoy your erection.

  7. that is such a lie..i can just tell. sorry for bein a dick.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing today, I want a huge salt water tank, they are sick.
  9. oh yeah also,
    my very first post on this site was when I dropped some bagseed into my tank cause i figured my placo would eat it. well it germed and grew like crazy in the tank. prolly cause theres all sorts of good nutes in small tanks between the algae and fish shit.

    needless to say, the seed didnt grow into a plant cause i knew nothing about growing at that point. and i was in a college dorm, which imo is the worst place to grow.
  10. that. looks. orgasmic. seriously? just got a boner. i did not heed your warning. for this, man, i am ssorry. cause it hurts, this bitch throbbin yo underneath my warm laptop ogodyestissuezplz

  11. Man, I'm exactly like you. I cant wait till I can afford to have a reef tank in my house. The lighting and the R/O units are crazy expensive though.
  12. Yea I would love a salt water tank. Or maybe one of those rain system amphibian terrariums where it literally rains, like a rain forest.:smoke:

  13. or both? :devious: :hello:
  14. damn your good! How the fuck did you know?:eek:

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