I have a bump on my dick

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  1. I'm not sure if it's a pimple, or just a bump. It's on the under side of the shaft. I haven't had any sexual contact in at least 2 months, and that was just a blowjob (by 2 chicks :D, long story) and before that it had been around 7 months. So I'm ruling out that it's an STD, but what the hell is it?
  2. It.s proly an ingrown hair
  3. Your dick is gonna rot and fall off.
  4. I had an ingrown hair and it hurt so bad I thought it was herpes.
  5. I think the only way GC can help you is if you post a pic of this bump on your penis...
  6. Could be an ingrown hair, could be Syphilis. Talk too your doctor
  7. [quote name='"xpixiex"']I think the only way GC can help you is if you post a pic of this bump on your penis...[/quote]

    I might just do this..
  8. Probably a pimple, but if you're really worried then get it checked out.
  9. I think it's just a pimple..

    Cause it doesn't hurt..

    And it looks like a pimple o_O

  10. LMFAO! Seriously...this had me rollin'!

    Me personally...I don't want to see the bump or penis in question. Yikes...Go to your doctor man..Why post on here? Well...I guess each to his own. Who am I to judge?

    Good luck with your situation.
  11. Yeah man its normal. I always get multiple clusters of pimples every few months.
  12. herpes can take longer than 7 months to show up.
    it can take years in some cases dude. shit's fucked.

    even though it's probably nothing, the sooner you go to the clinic for a swab, the better the chances of an accurate test result.
    false negatives happen ALL the time with herpes. i know a couple people who 100% have herpes even though the doctors told them they didn't have it several times.

    do some research besides telling a forum of stoners you have a bump on your dick hombre
  13. this sounds like herpes man, go get checked. seriously. the clusters is a huge give away man do you ever get clusters anywhere else on your body? especially the same thing every few months? herpes outbreaks come and go

    most people with herpes don't know they have herpes. it can take between weeks and years for an outbreak to happen.
  14. Bumping thread to prevent herpes
  15. The bump is getting smaller..I think it's just a pimple.

    No herpes here :)
  16. Try to pop it like a pimple. If it spreads it's the herpes!!! :O
  17. Go to doctor.
  18. You must remove this bump IMMEDIATELY.

    Get a bottle of whisky and your hunting knife and go for it.

    Make a video.

  19. Haha I was totally JK! :p Just fucking with the op.

    But thanks for the help anyways haha.

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