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I have a big problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cal1089, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. #1 cal1089, Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2008
    ok so i live in a small towm of about 4000, algoma wisconsin. it used to seem like there was weed everywhere i look. there was a bust not to long ago and like 19 people got busted, and now it seems like there is none.
    SOON TO FIND OUT. i cant find it because alot of people think im to hot because i didnt get busted and, that im leaking info to police. this town is all gossip but it just really sucks when people say ur a narc and you dont know who started it, now i cant find shit and it blows. any help on how to get trust or prove im not bad would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  2. find the real culprate!!!!
  3. i wish i could dude, i would so kick his ass, i got arrested for beating the fuck outa this black guy for stealling my bag, cops got in volved because my girlfriend beat the shit outa his girlfriend and she was bleeding to bad.
  4. start growing or make a drive thats all i gotta say
  5. I live in MN and I have barely heard of Algoma, where is it again? Is it by any decent cities? Maybe you can drive to the nearest city and try to find something.
  6. drive north til ppl start saying "eh". You will find dank and at cheap prices in canada
  7. its like 30 miles from gb. how would i go about looking for a new new dealer
  8. ya i did a year at UW Oshkosh, and hung out up in Appleton all the time (Lawrence university is very herb friendly). i heard that all those smaller towns up there tend to have really bad dry spells, because if just a few people leave the game shit is fucked.
  9. crack some heads in bruh go gangster style
  10. I am right next store to you in MN. i say grow if you live in a little town. i do. But just look around. you'll find something.
  11. what really pisses me off is that it is like people i know, like good friends and shit its kind of depressing,makes me want to move, ill be 19 in a few weeks and my life has really started to suck.
  12. Get the hell out of the town to begin with.
    It sounds like a shithole, to be honest.

    In any town where weed is looked down upon, it is not right.

    Also, don't go chugging cough syrup to get high.
  13. i would love to move to a place where good weed was plentiful and cheap. and the rent was low
  14. i vote go to canada and get like 7 pounds.that should last you
  15. Relax my man, shit like that just happens sometimes. Anytime people get busted they naturally point the finger at whoever didn't. You really don't need friends that don't trust you. But if you want to move somewhere, go to Pittsburgh. Lived there 4 years for college. Weed is plentiful and cheap and so are nice places to live. I used to get stoned and go to Pitt games and Steeler games. Can't beat that.
  16. hell yeah dude the 412 is were its at
  17. once i hear someone is a narc even if i have no personal proof i pretty much avoid the person. sorry!

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