I have a big problem.

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  1. Im about a week away from flower and my plant is nearing maximum height in my tent. What I never thought about was that during flower it would continue to grow upwards. I thought that during flower it would focus on outward growth instead. So now I have two 5 feet plants with no room to grow up. What's the best thing I can do to fix this if anything at all? Any help is appreciated
  2. start over....

    Grow Weed Easy - Learn How to Grow Cannabis with Simple Tutorials is a good read

    good luck
  3. Damn bro if thats the case you should really trim down a bit and let recover a week or so them bitches could possibly double in size and from the sounds of it there's no way to just tie branches down without them reaching the ceiling by the end
  4. trim down a 5' plant so it will still fit into a tent after flip?

    the op will have to cut it in half at least...

    you'd actually recommend this?
  5. whats the best way to trim them down?
  6. the amount you need to take off will put the plant back weeks. you'll be lucky if the plant doesn't hermie from the stress.

    once it goes into flower, it will double or triple in height, you shoulda flipped to flower at 2' tall
  7. as I said, I didnt know this would happen I researched as I went along so I didnt read much about the flowering stage until now. Should I just scrap the plant and make CBD?
  8. Supercropping.
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  9. Uh yea after all that time and effort into 2 5 footers personally i would do what i had to do to make that shit work, youre telling me youd just scrap 6 months of work and electric bills what could be 8oz plants each? Great plan there pal.
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  10. no offence to op but i'd have done my homework and asked the question well before i spent 6 months tending to a plant and spending $ on power and nutes.

    but ya, i'd scrap it and start over.
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  11. What strain are they and do you have any pics? If they are just tall and thin then super crop
  12. Already started super cropping but the main stem is really thick so I dont know how I would get it to half the size its at now. The timing of this is pretty dogshit since Im going on vacation for a week tomorrow so I only have today to try and fix this

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  13. You can't fix this in one day - it will be an ongoing process through the entire flower phase.
    Not a good idea to schedule a vacation during your grow, unless you have someone you can trust.
    I suggest you do some research on how to grow before you plant the next seed.
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  14. Its only been growing since the end of march and I did as much research as I could given I knew absolutely nothing a lot of websites I used gave me shitty information as well that caused more than a few problems along the way.
  15. A 4 month veg indoors is WAY too long unless you are trying for a crazy trained mainline plant or have a huge room. 2 months and even at that you have to train for an even canopy. Should have researched way more than you did. 4 months should be an entire grow seed to harvest
  16. well hindsight is 20/20.. obviously there was no way I could've known I needed to know more I just threw some seeds into a pot when I first started just to see what would happen then started to research after it was already in veg
  17. I didnt schedule the vacation and its not in flower yet I already have an irrigation system that was going to water it every 3 days while im gone but I didnt expect this to happen
  18. Well preperation is key and you had a month after germination to find a website and read for ten minutes about the entire life cycle of cannabis and you didn't so chalk this up as a lesson learned for next time.
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  19. Don't try to bend it over in one place. Find where it's still pliable enough and slowly flatten the main stems and gently bend them over every few inches. It will look ugly for a few days but will grow out of it. If one breaks just tape it up and go a bit higher up. Better than just hacking off weeks of flowering.
  20. chop them to 1/3 the size your grow space allows. chop at nodes as if topping. then wait a week and flip. you should have studied up a bit more but you'll be fine. if you would have flowered at the right height, you would be almost ready to pluck buds.
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