I have a baseball sized lump on my knee

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    Ok, so today i went to Venice beach and skated the new skatepark they just built. It was windy as all hell and sand was constantly blowing in our eyes. Well anyway, I went to tre flip the stairs and I fell due to the extreme winds and fell straight on my knee. I immediately knew something was up so i went and sat down and pulled my pant leg up. I was shocked to see this huge bump on my knee. So that a ruined my day for skating. Well now that I'm home I took a shower and now I'm lying in bed with a huge bag of ice trying to get the swelling to go down. Any medical advice? Thoughts?



    heres a couple more pics of this beasty ass lump. lol



    thats it for now.
  2. My thoughts are that I'll stick to surfing as my main medium of boarding. But uh... Is your actual kneecap out of socket or what cause that looks like something twisted, like maybe your femur jammed up or some shit? I'd chill for a day or two but if it doesn't look any better go see a doc fo-sho.
  3. I had a bump just like that after skating (hit my leg way too many time grinding a box) except it was lower. It was after the knee on the side of the shin. I was scared shit less. But i just put ice on it thinking i would hed out to the ER on the morning. but to my surprise, it was almost gone in the morning. Just put a bag of ice and try no to force the knee. If it doesnt go down in let's say 24hrs? go to the doctor. Good luck bud.
  4. What you have is Bursitis. Its the inflammation of your joint tissue and the fluid that your joints grind against.

    Go to the doctor. If you don't, you'll wind up with one gnarly infection.
  5. It looks like a regular lump from hitting your knee, but if its not gone in about a day or two I'd get it checked out. A guy I went to basic with injured his knee, and had to get it drained or something because of fluid in his knee (looked like that pic).
  6. ok guys ive been applying ice to it for about 15 mins on and off. my toes are low key feeling numb, but that might just be from the ice and having it elevated. The bump is still pretty big. the skin feels like its tight and i cannot bend it anymore cuz the skin is already stretched enough.

  7. Just walk it off man, walk it off. JK, just read my post above lol. Hope you leg is ok.
  8. yeah i was googling stuff about it, hopefully the RICE method should suffice.
  9. That's actually pretty nasty. If you can, get in to see a doctor tomorrow. It may need to be drained. Numbness can be from the swelling or nerve damage, so that's definitely worth getting checked out. Most likely it is the swelling/elevation/ice, but you don't want your foot to stay numb. (That really sucks...can't feel the outside of my right foot.)

    In the mean time, take Motrin if you can. I've found that quercetin and bromelain from the health food store are more effective for me, and I don't get merciless heart burn from them. I stumbled upon those after having one hand surgery and was gearing up for another. I had a ton of swelling using Motrin, almost none with just supplements. Might be worth a shot if Motrin doesn't work for your stomach.
  10. Holy fuck dude get that checked out man.
  11. dude im diggin that purple rug ;)..jus playin, that shit is huge bro, throw a nice steak on that, you'll be aright. :D

    But definitely get that checked out, -rep for not landing the trick...ooo jokess
  12. Damn I'm going to have to echo the previous posts and say go see a doctor
  13. ok, I just woke up about 30 mins ago and the swelling has dramatically went down.. it still hurts like a bitch but the lump isnt so huge lol. Its a good thing too, cuz I was not looking forward to having it possibly drained.
  14. ide still get it checked out. looks pretty fucking gnarly
  15. i heard running helps ;) lol idk man hope it gets better looks painful! i would go to the er if it is getting worse instead of better after 24 hours
  16. How is it doing today?
  17. Im no doctor but I would have got that checked out as soon as it happened. That lump is huge man.

  18. That happens alot tho, stuff will swell up and with in a day it will be back to normal. It looks worse then it is.

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