I have a ? about planting my seeds

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  1. ok i read the germination 420 thing and i was wondring when u have the little sprout and then u go to plant the thing in the moist soil does it matter which way the tip should be pointing when i drop it in my one inch deep hole? and another question -usually how long does it take for the sprout to break ground?

    comment back please asap my seeds are planted and i dont want to screw it up -- thanks alot
  2. heres what you do, u plant the seed root DOWN dont drop it in set it on the dirt and push it in, BEFORE u do this make sure your soil is moist then make a hole 3/4!!! of and inch deep hole and push it in...as i said beofre. then put a ziploc back or seran wrap around the top and put it in a dark warm place over night you should get a sprout the next day good luck

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  3. what if the root tip is up what happens??
  4. well roots go down but if u already planted it up it will find its way it will just take longer, when i found this up i gently dug mine up patted the soil firm redid the hole and replanted and mine still grew, but maybe thats just my luck :eek: do what ever, but if u planted it up it will find its way

    anymore ?'s?
  5. hopefully ill have a sucessful grow -- thanks mane

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