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I have 50 bucks, 1/8 of blue dream or gram of ear wax

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CSYZERO, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I got my med card and got an email from the dispensery saying they got ear wax (sour kush, afghan, and one other) for 50/ gram. Ive never had ear wax before, should I get that or an 1/8th of blue dream? Thanks
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    I think this is one of the few situations where quantity > quality. $50/g is ridiculous, IMO.

    EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood...a concentrate for $50/g makes more sense. Either way, I think I'd stick with the eighth of Blue Dream.
  3. Blue Dream
  4. get the eighth man, besides im pretty sure you need a special bong attachment to smoke wax correctly so thatd just be a waste IMO
  5. theres a lot of clubs in cali where you can get dank wax for 35-40.

    i would get the herb.

    if i only had wax, i would go through it way too quick.
  6. Depends what you have to smoke the wax out of. My gut says Blue Dream.
  7. get the blue dream. I just recently had some all the way out here in WI and it was the shit. It was supposedly from Cali, even if it wasn't it was still some killer shit. I would take that over anything else I've smoked so far. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Blue Dream, wax is great, but not on blue dream's level
  9. Blue dream is dank as hell. Wax is more overpriced than the bud too.
  10. I would take the bud. But then again, I don't know much about wax.
  11. It must be some high quality wax, but I'd go with the eighth. It will be easier to "dose."

  12. false. blue dream is very very good flower though, top 5 strains for me. love how it vapes.
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    What if the wax is made from blue dream?

    What strain is the wax from that's the question.

    Edit: Oh don't know how I missed that. I'd go with the wax, either strain. A little pricy though.
  14. Couldn't tell you, never smoked wax.
  15. Seriously no wax lovers ? Id get the wax if u got a rig 2 good dabs of some dank wax you straight...but that's just me get what u feel is better :cheers
  16. idk im not a huge fan of blue dream, my dealer was buying from the same grower for a while so he just kept buying blue dream off him and i got kind of bored with it... maybe it was just because i had the same strain for like 3 months though hahahaha.
  17. definatly go with the wax.. its good shit.
  18. *it should be for that price. And I doubt OP has the necessary equipment for wax.

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