I have 400 what should I do.

Discussion in 'General' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Basically I have 400$ because I sold my xbox 360 and like 8000 games. And I was wondering if I should by an awesome fucking bong, or get a tattoo. I have a steam roller, two bowls and a bubbler. My old bong broke last week. But lately my highs haven't been intense and I feel like bong hits would help. Or should I get a meaningful tattoo that I've been wanting to get for years?

    I am so positive that the answers will be biased considering what website this is but whatever
  2. Invest.
    Or go to an Indian Gaming Casino.
    Or send it to a prince in Nigeria. 
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  3. I would personally get weed and a nice vape..that might be the switch in high you want idk but if not then like a $150 bong some bud and save a little too
  4. buy 20 bad hand jobs
    or 8 good ones.
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  5. Look into growing or invest in a nice vape.
    Vapor-bonging is fucking glorious dude, its like breathing in fresh mountain air.
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  6. Go the bank and get 400 dollars worth of pennies. Mold the pennies together into a ball or a hat
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  7. SAVE THAT SHIT DUDE. unless youre like 18 and live with your parents, in which case i say all weed.
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  8. click my sig and go ape
  9. I just got $700 today. Gonna buy some snowboard boots and goggles and use some to go up to a slope.
  10. get financing on a new car with nothing down and make your first payment :cool:
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  11. Hyundai accent fully loaded was like $320 a month. Do it

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  12. invest it in a way to make more money.
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  13. Send it to me via money order so I can get some hookers up in this bitch.
  14. I wouldn't blow it on a tat lol spend like $200 and just save the rest no need to spend the money just cus you have it

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  15. Buy a nice ass bong bro if you've already had a bong get a better more durable one since yours broke. I just ordered a $500 RooR should be here this week :)

    Who Dat!
  16. 200 McChickens and 200 Mcdoubles
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  17. Sent it to me via pay pal
  18. Taxes...
  19. 320a month on an accent? damn. i am paying 150 a month on a 2008 chevy avalanche (also fully loaded...Nav, rims, 4x4, leather etc). lol. Negotiations man!
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  20. Shitballs. 200 Mcchickens and about.. 190 something mcdoubles?

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