i have 3 pounds of popcorn nuggs and 2pounds of shake.IT TO MAKE SHATTER tips and techniques please

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  1. Not too sure how to make this...any help will due!!

  2. Pics would help

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  3. Coming right up

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  5. I mean some tips would be grind it up as much as possible! Some people argue using scissors, but I can tell you from personal experience that a grinder will do you wonders. (You can collect a hefty amount of keif too!).

    Before blasting, dehydrate your bud! The color will come out much lighter in the end product. (Try to eliminate as much moisture and humidity from the whole process). I use an oven on the lowest setting with an open door to dehydrate my bud. Just flip and mix the bud every so often until it dries up. Or you can use a food dehydrator (preferably) from amazon or whole foods.

    And when purging, use a vac oven heat combo. Unless you want oil filled with tane like so many out there. Make sure your oil is 100% free of impurities or it won't be worth it!
  6. Small runs until you know what you're doing.
  7. um yeah, dont just go trying to run 3 pounds at once, run an ounce or two. and if its little larfy popcorn nugs, you probably shouldnt grind. I would only grind if its a higher quality material.
    Read up. and after you've done that, read up some more. The BHO threads all have a wealth of information you will need. do some honest reading through those threads before asking questions/trying anything.
    Best of luck :bongin:
  8. Sorry for stalking you JC. Would you not recommend breaking up popcorn nugs or trim before packing. I use a auger in a 5 gal bucket to break up my popcorn nugs and trim.
  9. you'll be extracting more plant material that way. popcorn nugs could be fine but never grind trim. if you're dewaxing/winterizing, grind all you want
  10. Thanks man. So I should just pack it then.

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