i have 3 odd balls or mutants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. well i have 3 soon to have only two or maybe one well 2 out of the 3 are doing quite well im growing them in pots and well they all have 3 pointed leaves not one 5 or 7 pointed leaves do u think they will produce any buds that are smokeable or should i just start another batch

    p.s i live in Ga (southern united states) do you think i will have enough time to start another batch and fully grow them
  2. They could be male(not to potent to smoke) or they could be female. You can clone for sex to see which is male or female. If you put the plants outdoors you won't know if the will have budz until about August. Start some more seeds or clones grow them to add height then toss them outside or finish them indoors under HPS.

  3. Well your plants should be fine. But you can always start more and have a whole bunch... i duno.
  4. ..just so you know..they don't start off with 5 or 7 tip leaves..they don't get those till they start getting big/older.
    (i believe)
  5. Patience, Graashoppa.
    The older they get the more fingers they get per palm. I grew a 4ft plant that had 13 fingers!That was before I learned to train the plants for maximum exposure to light.
    Go for it! I'm your friendly neighborhood earth girl...
  6. good advise my friend :D.
  7. I have grown some that reached about 3 feet and was very bushy from topping them and they reached up to 9.
  8. TWM116, or maybe it is...The green earth is a good life to smoke? lol
    Seriously, when I grew that 13 finger'd plant, I was still mostly imobilized and puney, armed with an OLD 'how to' by Murphy Steven, and a ramshackle array of the early compact fluoros. No internet! I was on my own, but that pretty plant prooved I could actually accomplish something. She was the classic 'christmas tree' shape. Since then I've learned about pinching and training to maximize budding sites and exposure to the best light.
    This has also been my best and most favorite therapy! So much fun for all...your friendly neighborhood earth girl

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