I have $200 to use. What quantum board or QB strips should I purchase ?

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  1. hello all I have $200 and am looking for some ideas on what quantum boards to purchase and or the quantum board strips or linear strips or modules or led cob strips lol I belive they call them.?? I have been exploring the strips they have on Digikey.com I just can’t tell which I ones to get. Seems there are quite a few different options to choose from on Digikey. I love the quantum boards that HLG has and am keen to buying those as well. They are always out of the 3500k quantum board 132 V2 . Anyhow I look forward to everyone’s ideas. Thanks for your time and knowledge!
  2. Send me the money and I'll go get ya what ya need.:love-m3j:
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  3. What size grow area? That will help the LED wizards know what's best.

    You weren't lying, so many are sold out on HLG

    I saw the 288 V1 boards are like $45. Nearly tempted me. But same thing. Sold out except for 5000K.

    The 144 set (4x75w panels for $125) look sweet but you have to get the heatsinks and they're extra.
  4. Go on alibaba. For about 200$ u can get a plung and play 2xqb288 Kit
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  5. Also check out supergreenlab.com
  6. Yo on mobile and can’t get link to work right, but if you check my post from the other day in lighting, there is good advice from a few people in there. I landed on a couple 288 v3 sets from alibaba, will be here in a few days. I’ll update in that thread when they arrive! @PhenoMorph helped out, thanks again sir, happy gardening
  7. Hey no worries ! You should be happy with those. Did you get a kit with the drivers and such? I'll try and find that other thread.
  8. The first link has UV and IR leds, a few of them. That should make a really fat spectrum. Hopefully they kept it easy on the UV so it doesn't effect growth in veg. Don't look like you can turn them off.
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  9. left out @Tbone Shuffle , my bad! you guys rock. all 4 seeds popped now, those boards cant get here fast enough!!!!
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  10. That would be great. Are you from HLG ? And how fast can we do this ?
  11. I don’t understand there specs. Like for one... Im looking at a kit that has 3 of the 288 boards for cheaper than the link and it’s say that it’s 24...inches and than the 2 board 288 kit says 24 inches how is that possible ?

  12. Help me Tbone shuffle your my only hope ! Lol
  13. The boards are like 11”by 6”. Three of them side by side “lll” would only be 18’. So they could build a frame to hold three and it only be 24” wide.

    If u want to buy the v1 or v2 bc they are cheaper it would be wise for u to buy a qb18 to put in there also so u get the red spec. The v3 are incorporating the red spec into the board
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  14. Some of them could be boards that are side by side parallel to either the short or narrow direction to get different shapes from a light fixture. The boards are about half as wide as long.
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  15. I don't think the reds are 100% necessary but I think they're an improvement. I grew for years with all white lights, great buds. If you look you can find the kingbright boards with deep red, UV, and IR included. For some reason seems like they leave out far red which is annoying. It's one of the more effective supplemental parts of the spectrum.
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