i have 2 choices here, please help!

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  1. ok, so here's the deal. My crop is getting near the end and now i have to figure out how to dry and cure it. The issue is in 3 weeks i have to leave my current residence for 14 days for the holidays. Should i ... A) let them go for 2 weeks, hang for about one then get into jars to cure while im gone? or.. B) should i let them go 3 weeks , chop them, leave more leaves on and hang them for 2 weeks then trim and cure when i get home? Please help me out with this decision. I want my nugs to stay in prime condition :smoke: Thanks
  2. (b) if ur gone for two weeks u can't vent the jars, probably f up your ganja.

    lol :smoke: don chetto
  3. ya, i definitely dont want any mold to grow in those jars for 2 weeks. I dont know anyone that has left them hangin for more than a week... This isn't going to over dry my buds will it?
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    i wouldn't worry overly about the two weeks... just leave as much of the stem on as possible, if you can, just chop the plant at the base, trim the leaves and hang the whole thing upside down, the more stem you leave on the slower it will dry...
    i wouldn't recommend leaving the smaller bud-leaves on for that since they tend to get stuck to the buds during drying, and can promote mold thereby... also once they're stuck they're a lot harder to trim off than when they're sticking out fresh...

    if the buds should get too dry, you could put them in a jar together with a fresh slice of apple for an hour or two... works well for rehydrating tobacco... just don't let them touch directly
    and also it's almost always better to let the plants go a bit too long rather than too short :D

    good luck :smoke:
  5. Ah shit, just checked my flight again, it's 18 days instead of 14, hopefully they will have enough moisture in them to not turn to dust, haha. I think I will be ok, I live on the northern cali coast and have been told that it takes forever to dry bud here anyways
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    just leave the whole stem on and hang them upside down in a cool, dark place with gentle ventilation, nothing blowing at them directly, and you'll be fine...
  7. cool, im done worrying about. got more important other things to worry about, like school shit! haha
  8. lol, have a nice trip, etc... and hope you come home to a nice dank smell :D
    btw, you should have a scrubber running there i guess... ;)

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