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I Have $100 Bucks To Buy Anything Offline. What should i buy? (Thats Related To Weed)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Give me some sites or anything maybe a good website for bongs.
  2. If I was forced to spend the hundred on weed paraphernalia only, I'd get a SSFG Travel Beaker (I have the tube, wouldn't mind the beaker in addition). With the last $35ish, I'd get something from NovaGlassworks, specifically these 3 chillums.
  3. Depends on what you already own. I would buy a vape
  4. I have a vape & a chillum. Never had a glass bong .

  5. Good suggestion. I have a MFLB, any others at $100 you'd recommend?
  6. [quote name='"traviekush"']
    I have a vape & a chillum. Never had a glass bong .[/quote]

    In that case personally I would buy more bud or a grinder
  7. [quote name='"StuGrimson23"']

    Good suggestion. I have a MFLB, any others at $100 you'd recommend?[/quote]

    Nah man the only vape I seen at 100 is the MFLB
  8. I have a grinder lol & i have money for bud thats a in a special jar.
    Hows ssfg shipping time?
  9. Buy something from SSFG. They are a quality family company that is literally all the rage.
  10. A grasscity gold membership

  11. I think I got mine in 3 days (North Carolina to Chicago). Email them and make sure they have the beaker or tube in stock. They respond to emails very fast.

    and you better not buy the showerhead bubb listed at 100$ cause i had my eye on that shit first bitch
  13. I'd recommend a glass bong.
  15. Lmaoooo Fuck You Jk Im Just gonna get a straight travel tube. It will be my first glass bong
  16. Perfect

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