I Have 10 of these

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  1. Take 5 if you have no tolerance.

    150mg codeine will have you feeling good, its a weaker opiate though.
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    I pay 50 cents for those...at most, $1. (but i dont buy " just one " pill buying pills...thats the price i get for the amount i would buy) they suck. but if you have no tolerance, I guess you might end up with a little head buzz.
  3. i hate those there to weak,and i overdosed on them when i was like 14.
  4. Ya about as weak of a perscription pain killer as you can find. id pop five or six and see. def not worth snorting. also not much street value but if youre in highschool you could sell them for like three each just cause kids dont know.

  5. Dont snort them either, it will TEAR HOLES IN YOUR FUCKING NOSE, serious
  6. Alright thanks everybody.
  7. They have HCl in the pills!
  8. Eat em all. I would.

    Seriously though, try 6-7.

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