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I hate when people call weed "Dope"

Discussion in 'General' started by Jaywiz614, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. In my opinion I think dope is unmentionables , I don't think that weed is considered "Dope" as you don't have to add any substances to it besides when in the growing process. Anyone else agree?
  2. I agree.. I hate that.. To me Dope means "that shit".. baseheads n potheads are totally different!
  3. Sorry, you don't get to change the meanings of words.

    Dope = marijuana
  4. I don't see how that's "Dope" though? I think it's an old timers way of saying it.
  5. To me.. N everybody in my neighborhood.. Dope = heroin
  6. That's how it is for me too, Or we call heroin "Boyd"
  7. I *am* an old timer. :(
  8. Or "Ron" haha. But yea, dope has always meant heroin to me and everyone I know, unless they're old or a cop..

  9. Ahhhh, It all makes sense then :hello:
  10. Why do you care what they call it, even fucking Chief Keef(your avy pic is wiz... so I'm pretty sure you know Chief Keef) calls it dope and he loves it. You're taking it way out of context, slang is not defined by the person who used it... but it is defined by how you portrait it.
    "Dope is unmentionables" well I know for a fact not everybody feels this way, I'll call weed dope and could care less... it's just slang relax bro.
  11. I think back in the day we said," let's go smoke some dope."....never weed. It changed... but I guess us old folks don't let go of the past so easily. I don't give a shit either way.

  12. I just don't like the idea of people saying let's go smoke some dope, Makes me think they are doing some crazy stuff
  13. If said as "that shit is dope", it's fine by me. Dope for weed, no no. Sounds like an injectable, ill...
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    So when Chief Keef mentions dope in his songs you think of him doing some crazy drug?
    Also, when some one thinks of something being awesome we call it "dope" like "yeah gears of war, that game is dope!" If you believe weed is awesome why not call it dope? Just saying.
  15. If I were a cop, and the year was 1970, I would call weed dope all day.
  16. This.

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  17. Yes lol , I feel like he does some crazy stuff cause he yells like an idiot. I do like some of his songs though
  18. Aint nothin wrong wit sayin it.. Its just oldschool.. N when u say it.. The majority of ppl are gonna perceive it by the new meanin.. N the new meanin is somethin wayyyy worst then weed
  19. We smoke dope all day, all night
    You smoke Reggie, that's that shit I don't like
    Reggie refers to "low grade weed." He doesn't seem to have a problem with it, also in his music videos he's smoking blunts like crazy, why some one would roll a drug besides weed in a blunt is beyond me. You mention you think he's crazy, well he is Autistic(have you read his lyrics) and you really can't blame him for something he's born with. I fucks with his music and I admire that he's not afraid to live his dream.

  20. Woah , I never knew that.

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