I Hate Weed At Live Shows?

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    Maybe I'm in the minority here but I just hate being high at concerts, maybe its because I don't smoke often. Whenever a joints going around and I smoke it or even second hand I seem to lose connection to the music, lose all my focus. The next day I end up forgetting what I've heard. Just went to a Dead & Company show, barely remember it as you can imagine. Now quite possibly it depends on the strain because some show experinces were worse than others. I just can't enjoy music while I'm high, the sound almost changes to the point where I can't distinguish the crowd noise from the music. Or, if I take the first hit halfway through a show, I don't remember what I heard the first half. Maybe its the fact I panic a lot when high thanks to my first expeince haha, where my friends scared the shit out of me. Who knows, am I along on Grasscity?

  2. It's possible to subjectively enjoy the sensations of music high, magnesium helps with anxiety and also repetitive deep breaths.
  3. Just keep smoking til the music sounds good again next time
  4. Dude i feel for ya. You will never know the pleasures of seeing Pink Floyd perform the wall while stoned. It's an epic expierience. I love being stoned at a concert because the music sounds 10X better and the whole expierience is a trip. I hope some day you will join the majority. I'll pray for you in the meantime bro.
  5. Weed doesn't come with strict toking rules. The only two worth following are, don't smoke unknowns, and have the experience take place the way YOU feel comfortable with it taking place.

    Maaaany people wouldn't smoke in a public place, period, simply because of the anxiety that can occur in public places while high. While I don't get anxious, I personally prefer smoking at home or in the woods. Generally, I don't light up with strangers unless they happen to be a friend of a friend.

    So yeah, you're allowed to feel about it any way you feel about it. Part of a successful smoking ritual is figuring out exactly what you like and what you don't like.

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    Oh but I totally want to know what I'm missing. People treat it as some magical ritual but I just don't get the same effect. I take a few hits the entire show, pass it along. Probably not nearly enough. Smoking by the riverside, way different!

    Your right, I sometimes freak while high in public but I already have social anxiety anyways. How do you stop the freaks and bring on the sweet mellow high that makes you one with the music. I would say the closest I ever got to that was at a Neil Young concert, they were passing around some purple strain. The Grape flavor just melted in my mouth with Neil's guitar!

    Now that I think about it, it probably has to do with getting shitty weed seeing it usually leaves me with a headache. I should start bringing my own.
  7. i feel you bro. Nothing to be ashamed of. Smoking weed at shows is not for everyone. Or maybe weed is not the drug that lets you experience the show the way you want to experience it. Everyone is not the same when it comes to smoking weed at public

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