I hate trustafarians!

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  1. ever since i got to college the number of these trustafarian fuckers has skyrocketed! everytime i see a new potential stoner friend, i realize that these fuckers are just smoking weed and doing drugs just because it "makes them cool" and they dont have a worry in the world because mommy and daddy will cover all of their expenses until they are done playing stoner.

    Today i saw some dude walkin around with dreads and some Summer Camp and Rothbury wristbands and he said hi so i talked to him for a bit. He seemed like a dude i might toke with a few times until i looked at his other wrist and hes rocking a fucking 500 dollar-ish watch, then walks into a nearby parkinglot and hops into a brand new fuckin BMW. Barely anyone here has a car, let alone a "hippie" lookind dude rollin in a BMW. WTF!

    if you are a trustafarian, FUCK OFF and go leech off your parents without pretending to be a stoner while your in college

    /rant :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. agreed. fuck them assholes.
  3. just cuz he had alot of stuff dosnt make him an uncool person....
  4. its all about their attitude man
  5. I'm sorry man, but you mentioned nothing about attitude, only downed the guy for his possesions.

    So what if his rents were loaded and bought him a beamer, you even said yourself he seemed like someone you would smoke with a couple times UNTIL you saw his watch and car....
  6. Maybe he just sells alot of weed, or has a decent job. Shit even if he is just mooching of his parents and playing stoner, he still has cash and grass. And i see nothing wrong with that at all.
  7. Kind of a strange reason to dislike someone.

    Jealous ?
  8. Yeah dude, if it was his attitude talk about that, not what objects he owned.

    But yeah I sort of see where you're coming from. Still, if your parents had that kind of money and they offered you a nice-ass BMW (or whatever nice car you like) are you really going to say "no"?
  9. you guys must not have had very many encounters with trustafarians. they are the scum of the earth
  10. no, not jealous.
  11. Heavy shit man.

    I think you need to chill, if they do what makes them happy then good for them.
  12. I have to say at my college there were plently of oppressively rich white children, but most of them were drinkers and not smokers. Lots of Hollister and American Eagle shit everywhere. A lot of kids did smoke but they didn't have that attitude you're talking about.

    So how did he act specifically in a way that you didn't like?
  13. he just seemed like a stuck up dick

    i dont really care if i get flamed for this. i cant stand those bastards
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    You hate this guy because he has a BMW or because he has dreads and a BMW? I perfer Lexus or Jaguar myself. A wealthy hippy is kind of an oxymoron.
  15. You said he seemed like a guy you might smoke with, now you're saying he seemed stuck up?

    But yeah. A rich kid who is down to earth is cool. A rich kid who isn't is very uncool. But that goes for all people, really, regardless of their parent's income level.
  16. he seemed kinda cool when i first saw him. then he started talking to me and he just came off as kind of a dick so i told him i had to leave. he seemed ultra stuck up, just like all of the trustafarians i have come across
  17. What is a trustafarian? Just a white guy with dreads?
  18. Hatin ass *****
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    I understand you got a stuck-up vibe from the dude, but did he do or say anything at made him look stuck-up?

    I guess one of my friends from college would qualify as a trustafarian, but he at least got good grades, studied hard and treated people with respect. But still, if he wanted; he could basically just party all the time and not get his business degree and his father would probably let him take over his company in like 10 years anyway.

    On the other hand, my former roommate was sort of a trustafarian. Let's just say his dad is involved in managing of one of the UFC's sponsors and other companies. He did everything the wrong way. He had ridiculously expensive new clothes all the time, had a nice-ass Beamer, and just carried himself like a stuck-up dude.
    But basically when I asked him about his background, he said he came from being almost poor as a kid to his mom remarrying and suddenly becoming real rich - so he sort of was proud of where he came from, to where he was then.

    If that makes sense. I dunno.
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    So one guy seemed like a stuck up dick and had some cash so that makes everyone like him the scum of the earth. Well you sound like a pretty awesome guy! Im sure if you had given him the chance he would have apologized for having more money than you.

    Since you seem to be an expert on what makes a person a stoner why don't you fill me in. I would love to know.

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