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i hate to start a thread about drug test but i need help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by realblunted, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. okay so i never thought id get drug tested in my life, so i got into some legal issues, and the only way to keep out of court and trouble is to take this diversion program, thing is you have to be 100% clean. Long story short i am not clean and i have a test this week, i know im basically fucked, but i have read around that niacin and creatine a few days before and the day of can very possibly work.. can someone shed some knowledge on this? or give me any tips of what i can do to hopefully pass this test, its not the end of the world the lady already thinks i wont pass but id like to just pass so i dont have to be tested again in 45 days. right now i have just tooken two creatine pills, one 500mg niacin pill, and drinking 100 percent cranberry juice. thanks guys, and sorry for the stupid thread lol
  2. not to be an asshole but if you hate it then just search it on like google or use the search bar on grasscity err suttin.

  3. its all good homie, trust i did that, im just wondering if what im doing is worth while..
  4. I don't know why creatine would help, because THC is stored in fat, not muscles.

    I could very well be wrong, but I believe creatine helps tear your muscles down and stores water and rebuild to bulk up. The water in your muscles get used up anyway.

    If you're skinny, drink lots of water, and do lots of hard exercise. If you're fat, be lazy. Don't exercise, drink lots of water.

    Also, when you go to take the test, pee the first few seconds in the toilet, then pee in the cup. Also, pee the last ~10 sec of your pee in the toilet.
  5. although this should be implied:

    DONT SMOKE before the test!

  6. yeah forsure, i read that when you try to drink lots of water and things your natural creatine levels drop, and this will tell the lab youve been trying to dilute yourself so thats why creatine,, plus i had also read this post: "2. Take 2 vitamin B12 and 2 Creatin (muscle builder) a day before test and drink water. Then day of test do same thing again. Make sure you piss at least once or twice that day before test. Works well, never failed."

    thanks for the tips on the peeing man! :cool:
  7. any other tips?
  8. Usually you can get away with drinking a shitton, going into the room, piss in the sink, "wash your hands", say "I couldn't go" and then drink a shitton more, and pee 3-4 seconds into the toilet, fill the cup, then the rest in the toilet. That makes it so that the highest water content is in your tested pee, as opposed to the toilet.
  9. i had to take one. drank alot of powerade ION with like extra elctrolytes. and cranberry juice. i passed. idk the powerade i thought helped alot.
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    One method I've heard about is getting some synthetic urine at a headshop, and some handwarmers. The handwarmers warm up the fake piss so they think its legit like it just came from your warm body. I don't know if this method works but its sounds pretty good.

    I just looked up quick fix synthetic urine. It sounds fucking legit. It even comes with a warmer which will keep it in the proper temperature range for 6 hours

    might try this stuff myself
  11. creatine supplements help because if you dilute too much you will be low on creatinine, which they can see in testing.

    no product you take will make you pass, so just stay clean, keep pissing, and hope for the best. good luck.

    yeah, substitution works too.
  12. thanks guys! appreciate all your input
  13. Drink plenty of green tea, do plenty of hard cardio exercise, but don't kill yourself (30 min a day, 5 days a week is a good rule). The ten second rule mentioned above is good advice. And also make sure to at the very least pee twice before going in for the test. That first yellow stream of the day is the highest in THC content, so whatever you do, DON'T go in having to go bad cuz you haven't gone all day.

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