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I hate to see it come to this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kms brown, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I love marijuana, it chills me out and puts me to sleep. But its definitely having its side effects. I no longer remember information in the depths that i used to and its beginning to be too much of a problem to keep smoking.

    I took this semester of college off to get my head straight and get all of my childish B.S. out of the way so i could focus on school. But during this break I have realized that marijuana is one of the main issues with my school work. Its not that i show up stoned to class (ok maybe once or twice) or that i get too stoned to do my home work (theres other reasons i dont do it, hence the reason i took a semester off). I just feel like, well let me use a poor analogy, my brain feels like a spunge that has almost reached its maximum absorption and it doesnt have enough room for what i learn in school. Basicaly, weed is making me stupid.

    I smoke usually to put me to sleep and hate the idea of using doctor recommended perscriptions of drugs. Since all that is a company that offered to pay the doc. X ammount of money to use they're product.

    Is there anyway i can "work out" my brain or make it so that my memmory is back to normal. I mean if it comes down to it I will quit weed untill im out of school because once i get a degree i can buy all the weed i want. Its just gonna suck for 6 to 8 years.
  2. I understand where you are coming from man, I had to take a break from the herb and get my shit together too. I ended up taking a 6 month break and now I'm smoking again but with a new focus, drive, and motivation. I know in my case weed wasn't the issue, I was the issue. Once I dealt with what I was going through and allowed myself to grow out of my funk, I started smoking again and am still doing great. If you feel you need to quit for a while, by all means quit. Good luck to you man.
  3. Yup, just take a tolerance break man, you'll see the light at the end. :) Marijuana is one of many god's gifts to us, we must not abuse it. :smoke: Good luck to ya bro.
  4. I agree with these guys. Just give her some time. No one's making you smoke.
  5. I've only been smoking for 3 months but i felt the same way the past few weeks. Im about to end a week break (because of my memory). I don't know much, but i think the problem was lack of sleep and the fact that i was getting REALLY high a few times a week. It seems to me that the difference between a little j buzz or a few bong rips is a lot different then getting so high you cant move. I was finding that i had a lot of trouble remembering information, little things and big things.

    I would say maybe cut back, smoke less, or just not every day. also try and find what foods and nutrients help boost you brainpower and memory. Good luck man:hello:
  6. That just made a little light in my head turn on.

    When ive talked with my friends who have quit smoking for a few days they say they can actually recall theyre dreams and that they are crazy dreams. Supposedly if you smoke before you go to bed you dont get R.E.M. sleep, which is the stage where you dream. Is it possible that that stage of sleep has something to do with memory?

    Thanks for the support guys, since i have time i guess ill see if smoking less, at different times, or out of the vapo only will make a difference.
  7. no...
  8. Weed doesnt give problems.

    but it doesnt help it.

    Decisions decisions???(TBREAK TIME)
  9. "Studies with humans have been in agreement with the animal studies. Experiments on humans found that REM sleep deprivation leads to poor performance on a variety of recall tests or logical tasks"

    There are multiple other links and sources that argue different points so your "no..." is neither correct or incorrect. yet.....
  10. Ya im the same way, when i take a break I can remember my dreams, and they are usually fucking nuts for the first few days. But when i smoke at nite for consecutive days i never remember my dreams
    However i havent really noticed other effects (other than bein a lil more tired in the mornings)

    Id say cut way back on weedays (like smoke 1 bowl an hour before bed) so you can still get high and relax but you arent super stoned when goin to sleep. Or if it really interferes, just smoke on weekends and school breaks.
  11. Well, I smoke before I sleep and I can remember my dreams.
  12. Yeah, whenever I smoke a bowl before I go to sleep I never dream. Try smoking a few hours before you go to sleep and see if that helps. If not, just smoke on the weekends or something.

  13. when i smoke before i go to bed i have crazy ass dreams. usualy.
  14. #14 kms brown, Feb 19, 2009
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    k. well for those of you who dream even after smoking, hows your memory?
    For the people who dont have dreams after smoking, hows your memory?
    And be honest, its not going to end up in some above the influence commercial.
  15. #15 12311979, Feb 19, 2009
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    I feel the same way as you do except the memory part. When I smoke i do get lazy as hell and it does affect how I work at work, cleaning at home, talking to people slower, etc...

    But everytime I take a break my motivation, and wit go back to normal. I have a good memory and pretty much remember everything drunk, high, or wasted faded as hell.
    I also pretty much smoke every night about a gram.

    I usually never remember my dreams though, but when i'm awake my memory is fucking great.

    My wife just took psychology and learned all the stages of sleep and stuff. But i doubt they discussed the stages on drugs.
  16. I understand what you're saying, man, I really do... but marijuana doesn't do any long term damage. Your short-term memory is impaired, but only when you are under the influence.

  17. yo, its all in your head man. Weed only messes with your short term memory and only during the time your under the influence. It doesnt kill brain cells, studies actually show that it stimulates new brain cell growth.
    The mind is very powerful and it can convince you into thinkin that your memory sucks balls. And when that happens of course your gonna think your dumb. But if you realyl think the only way to be able to do well in school is to drop weed then do it. For the most part, its all in your head man.

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