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I hate to say it but...

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. .. some people are evil and self obsesed.

    I had one of my bast mates argue with me last night, she picked the subject i feel most strongly about in the world, the one thing i'd die to defend, and argued against it, for the sake of it :(. I dunno how to feel about that. i was soo messed up afterwards and when she sed it was only for the sake of it i was mortified!

    What kind of person puts you thru that? seriously.

    argh, i need a toke. its been too long and i got no money :(

    I just wanna put my head thru a wall to be honest.

    sorry to keep putting the crap up guys but i have to get it off my chest and ur the only ppl i cant trust to cheer me up :)
  2. if you dont mind me asking, what subject was it?
  3. Religion, i do accept others. but when somebody perposfully starts shoulding theirs down my thought. i lash out. i cant help it :(
  4. Buts thats not the point. the point is she knew i'd defend my veiws when challenged. and took adavantage of that.
  5. Sounds like most americans
  6. Sounds like she enjoys good debate...
    did you know that she was in the mood for that when she picked the topic?

    You know her best..if you know that's what she is like...and you don't like it...why rise to the bait?

    Cuz that's exactly what it was...bait.

    Mebbie she was testing you to see how well you make a stand. It shows your character when you don't back down from what you really believe in.

    I understand your point though..arguing for argument sake bothers the hell outta me too. It's almost impossible to have a normal conversation with someone who does that all the time.

    Now, if i know i can expect that from someone...then i don't get upset. I know what they are up to. But that's only from the people i KNOW well.
  7. Wait a sec smoke_the_dank....

    Most americans? I'm American, and FAIRLY proud of it! I don't go shoving my views on other people, and I definately have a fairly open mind.

    Let's be realistic here... people who force their views on others aren't Americans... they're jerks, and you can find jerks in any country. It just seems like all the jerks in American manage to run the place.

  8. Well said.

  9. guess your not in the included "most americans"... theres a diference in saying. "like americans", and "like most americans"... and i think MOST americans like to force their beliefs onto others, because they think they're right, and your wrong...

    Be honest with yourself, dont you sometimes try and force your opinion on weed with people who believe its a bad thing? I know I do sometimes, but i try to respect other peoples opinions, even when i know that im right, and they're wrong... (hence the sarcasm/purposly planted sterotype at the last sentence there)... its just human nature to think like that, its a hard thing to break...
  10. I have to say I push people sometimes when it comes to religion. It's mostly because I want to see people's reasoning when it comes to what they believe. It's never mean-spirited. It's meant for me and the other person to both gain a better understanding of their or our beliefs. Today, a good friend and I werre talking about his beliefs (calls himself a non-practicing catholic) and I was asking about some things catholics believe (not the misunderstanding many people have) and was able to tell him that he's not actually catholic. Actually, it started b/c he said he couldn't eat meat on friday and I asked why. He said because he was catholic and that's not good enough for me. I wanted to know why he believed that and he didn't know and didn't particularly care for that practice. So I asked him about other stuff and he asked me about things. I was able to clear up some misunderstandings about protestants that catholic school had taught him and was also able to tell him that by catholic doctrine, he's not catholic.

    I have this thing about knowing the reasoning behind things because I don't like to go into anything completely blind, so I try to base my beliefs on things I've read, experienced or been taught and I like to see how others came by there beliefs. It helps me to understand my friends better, too.

  11. and what is this based on? a couple hours of tv you've watched? word of mouth from other biased people?

    im sick of everyone bashing americans. what the fuck?? yes the government is screwed. the country isnt the best. but the people, what gives anyone else the right to talk about the people??

    MOST americans?? what does that mean. You do know theres more people in New York City then ALL of canada. Many us cities can follow suite. 100s of MILLIONS of people. and your really willing to say most, so lets say, 60 million of them, like to FORCE their opinions on other?

    being that the average persons experience with americans is about 1000 tv characters and a couple news reports, id like to see people keep their mouths shut. stop spreading this bullshit about americans being bad.

    (im canadian born and raised for the record)
  12. ^^ (two posts up)
    i must say, most "religious" people i meet, arent actually religious, they're simply following the popular "good" trend of saying so. I remember in school one day, we were talking about religious groups in 1500's europe, and some how (i cant remember) but the teacher asked this girl what her faith was, and she says "I think im roman catholict, but i'll have to ask my dad to be sure". I called her out right there. I looked right at her and said "tell me, whats the point of belonging to a religious group when you have to ASK what your denomination is??". She just kinda gave me a "who the hell are you" kinda look, and everyone turned and looked at me for a second, and then class continued as normal.

    I've seen so many people who think the same way as that girl. Everyone has just been taught that you have to be religious to be a good person, and if your not, then your evil, and your probably in with the dumbass gothic kids who write "666" on their binders. I guess what im trying to say is.. isnt your religion supposed to be based on YOUR OWN BELIEFS, that YOU choose? It just seems religion, nowadays, has become more of a trend than a belief...

  13. Yeah, your canadian, so how can you feel you can accurately take a stand on this topic? thats just a "first off"...

    Second, the term "most americans" wasnt what I would have chosen to use. I just took someone elses phrase, and ran with it.

    And third, "what is that based on"?? how about the thousands of people i've talked to and met in my life time. Dunno about you, but i do more than "watch tv" and talk to a "few biased people"... And what gives me the right to talk about other people? The first amendment in the US Bill of Rights. Now, if you werent canadian, you might have known that...
  14. i just like to fuck with my friends every now and then, sounds like she just took it too far

  15. I'm curiously off-topic here, put as simply as possible, what are your beliefs concerning religion?
  16. I stand that MOST Americans force their beliefes on others, I have lived here all my life and way more than half of the people around here are always trying to push their ways on people. There are people that come to my door almost everyday and push their religion on me.

    also we as americans have a habit of talking the otherside of an arguement just for a spirited debate.

    and alot of women get all hot in an arguement... maybe she was all hot and bothered and was trying to get some of your man-juice...
  17. hate to say this but yea i think alot of americans are closed minded and force there beliefs on others (i'm american by the way)... think about it, weed still isnt legalized and why? because all the people in power are the ones with the "marijuana rapes murders and kills people" attitude about it. they wont see it in any other way because there not open to the idea..

    just a thought.
  18. well dude don't be mortified. If people challenge what you think take it as an oppourtunity to re enforce it in your own mind. I enjoy debates with my friends like the one you've described. Come on man- you've gotta have these arguments with people and have them challenge your views- otherwise how do you know what you think? Your beleifs would have no weight to them if you didn't temper them with argument. Next time someone tries to argue with you just go with it and enjoy it. I dunno if this has already been said. If so- just put my post down as me agreeing with them.

    Rock on.
  19. I'm basically Lutheran, but I'm really starting to hate organized religion. I can worship by myself whenever I feel like it and get more out of it spiritually than going to church. I like having those religious conversations with people b/c sometimes they ask questions I haven't thought of and it makes me examine my beliefs more so I'm not resting blindly on what was just told to me, but on what I can find reason for.

    Oh, and for those who don't know, Lutherans believe that if you believe Jesus saved you, you're saved. And all of judaeism worships one god, the difference in denominations is in their interpretation. We can't say who's right and who's wrong, only what we believe. And we don't believe in transubstantiation.

    Transubstantiation pisses me off sometimes b/c it's written in catholic doctrine, but I don't think I know one catholic that believes in it. I mean !!!!!!!!!! It just works me up that they continuously teach it and accept it when no one actually believes it. Ok, I'm done.
  20. I don't think you can simply constrict the idea of "Forcing views" on ONLY Americans. I'm sure that happens elsewhere as well. As to the scale of it...i don't know.

    I guess that goes along with FREE SPEECH however..doesn't it? If we didn't have Free speech you wouldn't have to worry about people coming to your door at 7 am to spout on about GOD and hand you a Watchtower magazine. Because you would already either have conformed to it if it was the *norm* or you would be persecuted for not agreeing.

    But, what's the trade off? This is why we have free will. You don't have to believe in what you hear, read, can process the information and do with it what you like. Free.

    You may not like it...but no one can FORCE views on anyone. You can feel you must listen out of simple rules of politness, but you don't really have to believe what they tell you. They don't torture you to get you to agree. *of course, some people would say being woken up on a sat. at 7am is torture..but not really*

    anyway..i'm rambeling...later all.

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