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I Hate To Admit It, But..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Black_Chamber, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. #1 Black_Chamber, Dec 31, 2012
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    marijuana has become a big part of my life. it shouldn't, but it is. I realized this when I quit weed for about 5 months. life was so boring and drab. I started drinking more just to have a little buzz in the absence of weed. now that i'm smoking again its like night and day. weed just makes everything an adventure, that's what I love about it. small, seemingly trivial things become a lot more interesting. it adds more colors to life..

    now I sound like a fiend, but fuck, I need weed. I NEED IT :smoking:
  2. You don't need weed if you quit for 5 months and are still alive. There's nothing wrong with loving weed as long as it doesn't interfere with your life. Just like anyone else, if you had to quit for any reason, you could.
  3. Be thankful that its weed that gives you that outlet!

    Keep taking t-breaks every so often, to have some self control, but smoke away man.
  4. When i stopped smoking for a few months i started drinking more too now smoking is back and fuck alcohol
  5. smokeing bud is like the sea: ebb and flow.
    I did a 20 month cleantime a short while ago.

    the peace I found was worth not getting high/drunk.
    do what you feel like.
    But know what you feel.
  6. I'm thinking about taking a 3-4 month break after tomorrow, maybe until 4/20/13. Haven't had a significant break in over two years, and the longest break I've had during that time was only 25 days. It's gonna be mad boring throughout the winter not blaze, but will be good in the long run to let my brain recharge a bit.
  7. only t break Im taking is if Im locked down

    other than that smoke in moderation and be smart
  8. Addiction through weed is just an excuse to use when something you dont want to admit is the real problem..
  9. a lot of people think weed is helping them with their problems and shit when it is just abuse. switching seats on a crashing airplane won't fix the problem.
  10. I hate to admit it too but its true! without weed, life is boring!
    Anyways, I just moved to Wasaga Beach and I am looking for some smoking buddies...anyone interested?
  11. Not for everyone, I am addicted to weed but not because I have other problems in my life. I am addicted to weed because it helps me cope with feeling bored and lifeless no matter how much i have going on in my life. It helps me slow down and smell the flowers. And I love the feeling of being "high", or as I would call it..being normal.
  12. actually in some cases it can. dpending on the altitude and aircraft in question being at the back instead of the front of the plane could improve your probability for surviving the horrific crash tenfold.

    also, surround yourself with as much pillows as you can, they will help cushion the impact for you hopefully.
  13. the problem is the airplane is crashing. switching seats won't stop that. use logical progressions.
  14. Logical progression would suggest the problem with the airplane crashing is not the destruction of the plane but the deaths that will occur. So switching seats or surrounding yourself with pillows may solve the problem. Logical progressions would also suggest i'm being a smartass:D
  15. For me, it is kinda hard to comprehend how people say marijuana is not addictive...

    I have been smoking since I was 16 years old, almost every single day (now 20). Most of the time I was a heavy smoker. Usually a few grams + a day. Although, I have never seen any signs whatsoever of physical addiction. There is no doubt, to me, that psychological addiction does exist. Or at least it does for me. I basically always want to get high and enjoy everything in life more while I am high.

    I guess the majority of smokers did not smoke as much and as often as me, so my hypothesis is that this is what can cause psychological addiction. Smoking often and alot
  16. [quote name='"whiteice15"']a lot of people think weed is helping them with their problems and shit when it is just abuse. switching seats on a crashing airplane won't fix the problem.[/quote]

    Fuck! This was my plan next time I would be in a crashing plane.
  17. good plan :cool:might want to try surrounding yourself with pillows too.
  18. No that wouldn't be correct but yes let's just go with the pillow thing

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