i hate this shit

Discussion in 'General' started by bobfish, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. i have had exams for over a month now and today is the last so i thort it would be good to pick me up sum nice weed coz im out but i havent seen my dealer for bout 2 weeks and i normaly see him all the time so he thinks im pissedoff with him and he wont sell me any and his always has the best stuf iv got so much shit at home and i need to kick back and relax so iv gon to another mate and he has the shitist weed iv tried in a lond time so didnt get ne from him now i cant get hold of ne1 els wtf im i ment to do im not going to beg

    neway just needed to get that of my chest i will find sum 1 i have 2
  2. That is weeeeird. I've never met a dealer who was like "your money's no good here!"... heheh.

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