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I hate the taste of weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ColloDrollo, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. I LOVE getting high, I don't like or hate the smell, but I can't stand the taste of weed. Anyone know what's wrong with me/how I can fix it? Like if I take a big hit, I'll be close to puking because the taste is so bad. I know many people that have smoked over the year will find this crazy but I guess it's just me. Any help or tips

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  2. Try flavoured skins man. You smoking the same strain over and over?
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    Not sure what you mean by bad taste exactly, but I can relate in the way that I don't really taste a good taste from my goods... it just tastes like smoke and burning. I also get that throwing up feeling, but that's not from the taste, it's from huge hits and those hits chilling in my throat. Try to make sure you suck all of the smoke deep into your lungs, and see if you still get that throwing up feeling, unless you simply get it by inhaling just a little smoke.
    I don't smoke for the taste, I smoke for the high, so I couldn't really care less about the taste unless it actually tasted like horrible ass or something. Also, you get a bad taste from dirty pieces (which may actually be the real reason I don't taste much), so try cleaning your piece if it's dirty. Regardless, cleaning a dirty piece should always make it taste better.
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  4. flavored papers? yummy blunt wraps?
    clean yo shit too
    or just teach yourself to like it! it's possible. people do that shit with things like coffee and wine. it's all in your head dudeski.
  5. You are not welcome here.
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  7. what kind of taste are you tasting? weed comes in many flavors. piney, sweet, earthy, fruity. personally i like the pine because of how strong it usually is. love the taste. you are probaby just going to have to get over the taste though.
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    do you smoke cigarettes? also try water curing it, i had this problem and after submerging weed in PURE filtered non tap water and drying for at least 24hrs in well ventilated room it had almost no taste but was sooooo smooth and stilll got me really high.
  9. She wants the D
    she want the weeD
  11. don't worry about it everyone has different tastes
  12. Are you smoking good weed? Put down that mid grade.
  13. How often do you toke? When I first started it wasn't too good, but once I started doing it daily it got better. It's like fine wine
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    I use a pipe mainly. I have a bong (it's shitty af tho) and papers but I almost always use my pipe. But regardless of what I smoke with, the taste of the smoke left in my mouth is something I don't like.
    Also I smoke different strains. Right now I have Skywalker OG. It's good shit gets me high well but I still don't like the taste the smoke leaves in my mouth
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    I mean like when I take a big hit, the smoke will leave a really bad taste in my mouth. Aka the taste of weed. But yeah I also smoke to get high, I just wanna make the taste a bit more bearable 
    Mostly piney. Idk I just cant stand the taste. I drink a shit ton of water when I toke to get that taste out ASAP
    fuuuuck. I just wish I liked the taste. It'd make smoking more enjoyable. I always love being high but there's times I'll be kinda iffy about whether I wanna smoke or not cuz I hate the taste (I always end up smoking anyways but the taste still sucks to me :( )
  18. Aint nothing sweet but the swishers. 
    Yeah. I like to switch it up too. I bought half an oz of Skywalker OG fresh from Cali a few days ago
  20. Ill start off by saying if your smoking good weed, that's odd that you don't love the taste. I find that Js taste better than pipes overall, and if you have the means to, try a vape. Vapor tastes far better than any smoking IMO, since you don't taste the smoke itself. Also try hempwick if you plan on sticking with the spoon, I notice the taste of butane.
    Other than those tips I guess all I can say is its an acquired taste for some.

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