i hate the president

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PhishPhan, Sep 3, 2003.

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  1. .......but i love bush.....
  2. i guess you could say that....
  3. here, here! There\'s good bush, and there\'s bad bush. Bad bush controls America, good bush controls every man on earth.
  4. but do u actually prefer Bush? I like em shaved.
  5. eh i guess i could say i prefer bush..duno tho, hehehe but i don\'t discriminate at all :p
  6. okay.. i like a nice triimed hedge
  7. i really don\'t like are president, hes a good guy, but i think someone else should be in charge.

    i do love the bush
  8. i too like trimmed bush. not big hairy nun-bush though. i also hate the president.

    *dies of laughter*
  10. LOL
    I don\'t know if I can handle this, this early as stoned as I am......
  11. nothing controls me. no bush controls me. ...... but i would really like to get at bush to give bush a good seeing to. lol.

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