I hate the Men's Warehouse...... click to see why....

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. I'm positive I'm not the only person who has seen a television commercial for the clothing store 'Men's Warehouse'. That greybeard on the commercial makes me want to kill. The company's catch phrase for as long as I can remember has been

    "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."

    NO SHIT!!! Thats such an empty bullshit guarantee. I'm not going to buy anything I don't like or don't think I look good in. I assume most people wouldn't. So why would someone boosting thier store say that??

    I dunno.... maybe I'm the only person who thinks this way. But god... I fucking hate those commercials. And they charged me 75$ dollars for ONE DAY late on my tux rental for a prom I didn't even want to go to 5 years ago.

    And I hate 'Donna' from the Gibbs college commercials......

    theres more..... much more. But i have to go outside and check out Jupiter before it ducks behind my neighbors house.
  2. I've heard less attractive slogans.
  3. I've bought two suits from them over the last few years and I love them both, pretty cheap as well. Those commercials are a bit annoying, though.
  4. It could be worse:

    Men's Wearhouse - Apply directly to the torso!
    Men's Wearhouse - Apply directly to the torso!
    Men's Wearhouse - Apply directly to the torso!

  5. LOL!!

    on the topic of mens warehouse my cousin used to work in a bar and the owner of mens warehouse came in and started hitting on her and grabbed her ass and wouldn't stop

    if you ever see the mother fucker who owns mens warehouse kill his ass
  6. I hate the Room Store lady. She just has a face that I do not enjoy looking at.
  7. Oh my ,

    commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs..

    My favorite is the one with Bob. Bob is taking some new penis enhancement drug ,so now he can drive a golfball really far ,and he has this "Joker" type chesshire cat type grin pasted permanently on his face... (no doubt because his balls are about to pop...) ,and ofcoarse his June Cleaver wife has the same silly smile pasted on her face too ,cause you know Bob is takin care of business 'now'.......


  8. hahaha..i was giggling for awhile after that one
  9. haha that was awesome +rep
  10. Ohhhh man, this commercial has woken up out of sleep because it was annoying. :mad:

  11. But did you like the way you looked?
  12. Hahah, that commercial always annoyed the shit out of me. I seen that dude so many times it feels like I know him or some shit.

    a lot of their suits are poorly made and some of this shit is just straight tack and for old people

    go to a bloomingdales, saks, or even sims for better service/selection

  13. as a matter of fact i looked quite pimpin..............but that brings me back to my point..... i wouldn't have bought/rented something i didn't look pimpin in.

    one thing that sux about prom is how long i had to wait to ravage my g/f out of her dress. i say they skip the akward/corny/lame-tradition of dancing at some banquet hall and go right to the 'post-prom' (my girls highschool did up a sweeet after party at a middle school....supposed to keep kids from partying......... too bad my house is right across from said middle school and people were coming and going from my house to the post prom to get stoned and drunk) and the keggers afterwards.

    through all of that i somehow managed to become inebriated and sleep for 2 days..... causing my suit to be returned late..... and stained. but thats another story for another time.

  14. She has a real noodle-head.

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