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i hate the education system

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by henrx, May 19, 2004.

  1. i haven't been here, for like, a year or something, how are you peeps?

    it's a a beautiful day. must be 70 degrees out there (good for england).

    my friends and their beers are sat outside the bar, smoking the nicest organic soil-grown skunk.

    i'm swivelling my chair in the uni computer room, buried into some dry nonsense about the american political system. i can only get high and work on stuff i'm interested in. any negative advertising campaign experts out there?

    i've smoked a pack of cigarettes today, about to go to the store to get more.

    maybe i'll finish before sundown, get to the beach, go out, get high, drink copious beers, dance to crazy rave music. maybe eat some real drugs...


    why do they give us exams and essays when the sun is shining?
    they clearly don't smoke enough pot.

  2. that post seems to have nothing to do with education.... unless it slipped by me in some super-duper mathmetical code that one must decifer in order to understand what is REALLY being said. But I doubt that.
  3. of course i wasn't going to post anything serious about the education system man! just commenting that i had fuck loads of it to sweat through and really wanted to get high...

    ...actually, you're correct in your second assumption. i was alluding to a complex philosophical state of idealism in which the entire waking world is run on, by and for the sake of marijuana. indeed, instead of things being harder to do when you're stoned everything is fundamentally designed to be *easier* when high (i used to enjoy the challenge - not right now!)

    roll (up) on the brave new world!
  4. we dont need no education

    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!

    Fuck yea!!!!!!

  5. funniest thing i've read in a while...:D

    ahh, i need a care-free day like yours sometime soon. Finals are coming to an end... graduation is nearing the bend, stress factors plentifull...
  6. me too. looks like i won't be graduating next week. fuck it, there's always summer school
  7. No wonder people think all stoners are dumb fucks!!
    I'll see you behind the counter in the local burger bar or sweeping roads,who knows maybe the heady heights of toilet attendant await you.
    Most likely bumming around trying to be a "gangsta" get beaten up or busted and blaming everyone else because life is hard and they didn't get a fair shake.
    Smart move ????

  8. wow, why the fuck are you here, we dont need people like you on these boards, negative feelings have a tendency to only escalate, your hate leading to mine, i end mine telling you to end yours and never bring it again, go in peace and love your fellow man.

    on another note, i dunno why you guys stress so much about your shit, either you make it or you dont, it'll all work it self out in the end

  9. ^^ Wow man chill the hell out man ... Hes just replying to a thread man

    just who the fk do u think u are man?, u just diced a bunch of people man u just lost all my reaspect, somebody has to be the janitor and so what, theyre happy, why the fk should u care if thats what they choose so be it , but dont think ur any better, because u just proved ur not
  10. The Wall...
    we really dont need no education
  11. I don't really give a shit about what people think of me, I say what I think and if folk don't like it, thats fine with me.
    I worked hard and partied hard but I never lost sight of the big picture,you get nothing for free in this world and a wasted education is someones hard earned dollars down the drain.
    The fact that I have been able to live a fairly easy life is knowing that knowledge = power,the power to choose how I live my life.Without the ability to earn the money needed to fund the lifestyle I like I would probably never have been able to do a lot of the things I've done.

    It's really simple, make the money to fund the life,to better enable yourself to do this you need an education,the dumb believe that they can buck the system but the smart man justs bends it enough to suit his needs.
    Everyone has the choice of how they want to live thier life but to piss everything away is just plain stupid in my eyes,we can all be whatever we want, but to choose to be uneducated is the same as choosing to be stupid.
    Like I said, smart move.

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