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i hate small rolling papers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankSmoker2181, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. i just rolled a small joint from small rolling papers until i get my raw king size paper's in the mail. the small papers i got burns to quick and i just rolled one and smoked one and half it went into flames and i was only able to get one hit. i think rolling with tobacco makes it burn slower. do you guy's have this problem with small paper's i just wasted .3 of smoke dank which would get me high for a hour or so. 

  2. i use 70mms a lot, just stick two together and smoke it...
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    You are having problems with 1.25" papers?

    The wizard not the wand, bro. Post a pic.
    there 1.25 papers and there the bob marley kind. there not good at glueing together. I'm going to try putting 2 together and see how that works. sucks that i don't have a bowl.
  5. Just be extra careful with the gums, and don't lick to much or with too much moisture. Use a dry tongue almost.

    I've rolled with them before, they're actually not the worst papers.
  6. thats what i think happened last time. i licked the paper with to much moisture and it ripped holes in the paper  and the airflow stopped and ruined the hole joint. the raw paper's are the best in my opinion there a lot stronger than the bob marley paper's and they stick better.
  7. I hate the 70mm papers but the step up I don't mind at allSent from my iPad Air
  8. I bought some small ass zigzags when I first started smoking. That was shitty as fuckI now use juicy jays. Inks bad for ya but tastes great.Omega369 :wave:
  9. LOL y'all just need to learn how to roll I can roll single wide with one hand and looks like a cigerette
  10. OP's problem isn't the width, they say they uses 1.25, it is the length that is the problem here. OP is apparently used to king sized and is now trying to use regular length papers.
    Anyways. I personally prefer smaller papers but I never roll anything that would actually be worth using king sized haha.
  11. Yea bro, can't go wrong with raw kings. I love a 1.5-2g king size fatty

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