I hate shaving

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  1. i fuckin hate it. maby i wanna look like a "bum". Fuck everyone im not shaving for a while:)

  2. I feel ya dude. But when I grow my bread out, I kinda look amish...

    EDIT: Wanna see a picture where I REALLY look amish?
  3. I shave once a week, sometimes I skip a week, and sometimes I just let that shit grow for like 3-4 weeks.

    Shaving sucks.
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    hahaha. judging from ur pics, i could totally see that

    but who cares? maby its not a bad thing

    who are we to mess with are natural hair growth?

    all natural baby

    cept well, ya know bathing and cloths and shoes and whatnots...:rolleyes:

    lets c an amish trikky :)
  5. I hate shaving too. At the most I'll shave 3x a week.

  6. Yeah dude!
  7. 5-oclock shadow



  8. Yeeeaaahhhhhh

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  9. Yeah, if there was one super power I could have, it would be able to change my facial hair into however I want it to look with a simple snap of my fingers. Currently I am rocking the chinstrap and it can be time consuming to keep it groomed neatly.
  10. I had my legs and bikini line zapped so it don't come back.;)
  11. rock on man!

    you look so happy!

    you remind me of my cousin a few years ago

    you look like a big happy awsome dude!

    like a big tedddie bear:)
  12. That doesnt sound very natural sounds painful
  13. LOL. I was at a three day music festival called Amberland. It really might be the happiest I've ever been. That picture was taken in my tent.
  14. Hahaha, when deer season comes around it's a custom to not shave.

    I usually look like Grizzly Adams by that point.
  15. It's actually painless. Nature sucks anyway.
  16. yeah YOU guys dont have to shave half of your body :rolleyes:
  17. No one says you have to shave half of your body, but hopefully you don't mind having Yeti legs like that woman on the last page
  18. i used to try to shave everyday. but then i said fuck it and only shave when feel liek it, and sometimes i only shave my sideburns since they come in fast
  19. yeah but it would be gross to NOT shave and be like the chick in the pic on the last page :p

    honestly that pic kinda made my stomach turn.
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    yea sometimes i go days without shaving, i had a goatee that i just chopped off today, so i looked super bummy havin a patch of hair on my chin and then scruffiness on the rest of my face, but now if i dont shave it'll at least look even

    so i wont look like as much of a dirty bum i hope, i'll just look like a rugged mountain man without the muscles

    edit: man i jus went back n saw that chic, if you scroll down so you cant see her face u'd swear its a dudes legs, her feet look m anly n everything

    damn french

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