I hate selfish assholes

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I come in and its 11pm. I chill out, install my game(Diablo 2) and unwind. A good

    friend of mine calls me up at 11:15 and asks if I can drive 30 minutes and pick her up from

    a friends house because her and her mom got in a big fight and she couldnt find a ride

    home. I say ok and head out and we agreed when i got almost there I would pull over

    and call her and she would direct me from there. Well I get there and call her and after 3

    calls she picks up and whispers "call me in 10 minutes" and hangs up. I decide to wait 10

    minutes and call several times since I didnt want to leave her stranded. After 15 minutes

    and 2 voicemails Im gettin really fuckin pissed and start to head home. I call again on

    the way home and she picks up and I ask her why the fuck she hadnt been picking up

    and she said she didnt have service, Now keep in mind I could hear here fine and she

    ignored several of my calls. I call her out and say " bullshit I know you had service, now

    tell me why you would make me drive all the way out here to help you out and you not

    even pick up your phone?" She doesnt say a thing and has absolutly nothing to say.

    IShe then says she has to go and will talk to me tomorow. I drive home pretty annoyed

    since I try to be nice and help someone out and I get screwed.

    This girl is one of my really good friends who I consdier pretty close to me. Ive been friends with her for almost 4 years now. I just dont get this.
    Now Im gonna try and enjoy my night, take a few shots and smoke a bowl.
  2. wow nice boys u got
  3. Damn... I would've been fuckin' pissed too. 11pm at night and driving for 30 minutes? Shit...

    Lol, this muthafucka...

  4. Your boys are just a tad bit shady. You should probably spell it boyz with a z.
  5. oh yea and blaze it up you should make that hoe slob on your knob for pullin a stunt like that or have her hook u up with a slutty friend to compensate the time/gas
  6. I would be sooo fucking mad if i was you
    I would just go there and slap her
    Then come back with a smile in my face, knowin i got sum bud waiting fo me.
  7. next time she asks for help say yes and just dont do it.. and when seh calls do same fuckin shit..
  8. good call. as a fair warning to us all.

    that sucks really bad. i would be very angry with a good friend if that shit was pulled on me.
  9. yeah fuck them...my buddy in indiana just got fucking robbed by this crazy fucker who i guess is connected with gangs and what not but my buddy and his innocent roommate got robbed of everything they own of value everything but an eight ball of coke and his safe(where the 8ball was) and the guy called him later and threatened him if he called the police hopefully his ass will be in jail along with your friends....
  10. well she whispered to give her ten minutes...is it possible that some unforseeable event occured that put her in a tight situation and its all a big misunderstanding? Perhaps she didn't answer her phone because she couldn't?
  11. Man that's fucked up. Sorry to hear that. I agree though...hopefully them and this other guy's homies will all be locked up for pulling shit like that.
  12. well.. you said she is a good friend and you have known her for a long time....

    let it go- but not without getting a good explanation from her...she might have had a good reason

  13. Thats what I was thinkin. Make sure you werent robbed of anything man
  14. i would be pretty angry, but i would want to find out the whole situation before i flew off the handle though

    let us know what you find out man
  15. Called her today, her phones off. I was in my car the entire time pretty much so there was no way I got robbed. I was in an industrial park. Im pretty pissed though.
  16. she should give you money for wasting gas, and now she's ignoring you, man I would be pissed to.
  17. I think they meant robbing your house, not your car. But shit that's a bitch move.
  18. Lets get this straight, no one robbed anything of mine. That has nothing to do with the story lol.

    She called and left a voicemail apologizing but not even saying what she was sorry for. I was at work so i could only text her and told her what a selfish asshole she was but that I still loved her and I just wish she could put more effort into the friendship.
  19. yea man that sucks you had to go all the way over there for nothing except to get pissed off and waiste a alot of gas but if my friends ever did that i would yell at them so loud lol

  20. bahaha :D

    Girls will be girls, 99.9% of them dont know what the hell they want. Sounds like when you were on your way over there she had some prior boy toy "engagements" that came up. Eff it

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