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I hate runners!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skiey, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So just like the title, I'm fed up with the run-around.

    I can understand, someone wants to make some green when they're slingin, but I hate the setup of it.

    I mean that you would know that a person is going to their person to fill your need, and top that price with a little extra, say, 'handling fee'.

    Anybody else? I just want someone who can actually come through for me, and not have me waiting an hour just because someone thinks they're exclusive and have to go up the chain.
  2. Yea i try to avoid middlemen as much as possible but that's usually what happens. Im glad Im legal now.
  3. Dealers deal with douchebags to though, you have no idea what some dealers have to go through constantly getting called, constantly wanting kids to hook you up with the best prices, on there time. Then it you tell them to wait an hour or two because you have a life to and they freak out because they need there weed buzz, but i dont mean to come off as a bitch but theres plenty of dealers around just find a new one that needs the money instead of doing it on the side. I find older people are way more easier to trust.
    but ya the handling free is kinda bullshit it should be the same price no matter what.
  4. Idk dude , I kind of agree with a handling fee if there delivering , especially if there driving to you with the price of gas now. You gotta realize that if your not buying large amounts there not making a huge profit , and there taking a huge legal risk for you just so you can get stoned.

  5. While that's completely true, and I'll give you that, here's my deal:

    My person that I pick up from is isn't far away, and she's always sitting on a supply. Whenever I see her, she's off her ass blazed, and that's probably why it takes an hour. If she wants the money, great, but you don't piss around your people and expect to be treated like a king. Also, I'm not too keen on the fact that I've had to front the money, and then I get what I want an hour later.

    Damn frustrating.

  6. if you wanted weed, why would you make your dealer drive to you in the first place thats kinda fucked up i've never even thought of asking another dealer to bring it to me, so i didnt even think of that in the first place. lol
  7. GROW /thread
  8. I thought this thread was gonna be complaining about a run in a joint or blunt.... I hate those things...
  9. I thought this thread was about people going for a bloody jog :p
  10. move to a state with MMJ :wave:
  11. I think a "handling fee" is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's not ridiculous. If I ask someone to pick up some weed for me, I give them 5$ extra because they're taking the time out to do it. Also, they have to drive around and pick shit up, and then bring it to you.
  12. Lol You pay a "Handling fee" ? That sounds like complete bullshit to me. Around here, (Canada, BC) if anyone asked for something like that, no one would call them. We also don't change prices depending on how good the weed is. Ex. A gram of "Swag" is the same price as a gram of some nice "dank" weed. I love Canada. :)
  13. #13 SirenWasHere, Aug 3, 2011
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    My delivery service never charges me a fee. Why do I need to pay extra money to someone doing their job?
  14. If I suspect that a middleman is going down then I just find a new dealer. No point in losing money when I can get it form the source.
  15. Anyone else notice "acidpheres" signature
  16. I go through my neighbor who goes through his dude that gets from a grower. 37 for half O of mids.

  17. wow you made your account for one post to call me out on my signature??

    and you quoted my name that makes me feel special, and why is it everyone always bashes my signature? its just some quotes from a song i like im sorry your hatin on me.

    what have i said thats so stupid anyways? lol
  18. it makes no sense "im like a FRESH OF BREATH AIR..."

    come on

  19. Lucky :(

  20. Leave him be.
    you shouldn't hate on someone because you don't understand the lyrics they decided to quote.

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