I hate ppl who spread blatant lies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by StonerWulf, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. check this out Answers.com - What is the effect after getting high off of marijuana
    btw im the one who offered the rebuttal so whats above that is what was there when i first found it
    ppl still trying to use 30 year old propaganda
    i would implore anyone who sees something like this to please change it to help get mary janes good rep back
    hate when ppl badmouth her
  2. Man, i hate people who spread the lies of, killing brain cells, useless to society, etc. It's just B.S... I love to watch the above the influence commericals, mainly using weed for examples on what NOT to do. >.>
  3. to see their latest commercial go on youtube and search dog eats too much weed.
  4. no one can prove it kills brain cells cause scientists don't even know how many there are. plus weed doesnt give hangovers it just makes it harder to wake up
  5. The problem is stupid fucking answers like that are all over the internet, namely govt and health websites that people look at and go oh, damn, evil weed!!!

    More people need to check out erowid and the likes but they just dont get it....
  6. man. that dog eats too much weed video is pretty fucking bad. i laughed at first thinking it was like a pro-pot commercial and then it kept going..

    fucking stupid filth at its finest
  7. It enrages me that people still spread such lies. Opinion is irrelevant when you're not informed enough to have one, and those against cannabis certainly aren't informed.

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