I hate ppl who don't understand weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D3vO, May 20, 2006.

  1. One night, me trev and ray are smoking at trevs place b4 we head to this party thats going on. Well we show up at this place and everyone is drinkin and no1's smoking, but we don't care. So outside while we're taking rips off of trevs bubbler and I'm rolling some Js these kids from my school who don't smoke come over.

    "Oh look man, these guys are getting stoned" was what the first dude says in a typical stereotyped stoner voice. All his friends laughed at this. Well they start talking to us and to eachother as if we couldn't hear them. "man lets try to trip these guys out" and shit. So I smile to myself and wait to see what they were gonna do.

    They keep saying stupid shit like, oh man I think I see someone in the bushes, and is the floor moving. Really dumb stuff, we really pay no attention to them and keep toking. Then this one guy starts waving his hand in my face, and like bringing it in and out, I dunno what the fuck he was doing. He kept saying look how much I'm tripping him out.

    Well this is all I could take, I told them that they were all fucking dumbasses and walked away. When we were leaving at the front door I turned around and yelled into the house "omg man the cops are here, fucking run" well guess whos the first out the door yep those non smokers. LMAO they were super pissed but we didn't care. We just went back to Trevs and watched some Battle Royale.

    I hate people like that!
  2. holly shit.... batle royals aRE THE SHIT! represent fool
  3. You fuckin know it !!! With us its either battle royales or naruto when were stoned or a sweet movie we'll rent
  4. Lmao if anyone put their hand in my face and started moving it back and forth and shit I'd slap the shit out of them. I get violent when people mess with my personal space.
  5. id probably bite their finger off or twist his arm depending on if i just wanted to scare him or hurt him. i dont mess with other people's highs and i expect the same respect back to me.
  6. lol as if you were doing e or something
  7. Id just be like 'wtf is the matter with you Im getting high not shit faced drunk'
  8. i'd tell him i'm not surprised he's missin my face with the coordination he possessed when drunk and then tell him to enjoy his hang over :p
  9. and you hang out with these people, why? Even if they were your friends, i'd still probably kick em in the face 3 or 9 times
  10. the ignorance can really get annoying, Im so glad I live next to a college campus where nothing really annoys/bothers/phases anyone...in fact everyone is quite cool. Its too bad they were such jerks to you, but its funny how you turned the tables on them. Nice job :)
  11. i know what you mean, i get that shit alot when im stoned. but i like how you got them back that was pretty cool.
  12. Amen brother.
  13. Yeah dog, there was this STUPID ASS mexican kid in my science last semester. I walked in once faded as usual, smelling like smoke and everything. Well I get in and there he is laughing hella and just keeps saying louder than ever "O MY GOD HE'S HIGH YOU GUYS! HE'S HIGH!!!!!" Well finnally everybody told him to just shut the fuck up so i wouldnt get in trouble. He kept trying to get me to trip out and shit by waving his hands around and doing some stupid shit. I hate people like that too man, I know what you mean.
  14. I hate when people look at you like you are dirty for smoking pot. I get these looks at school all the time, even from friends and whatnot. If some kid I didn't know started saying that shit to me I'd be pissed as hell, I hate non-stoner's who rag on you...

    Oh and fresh I had a similar experience, I was in mechanics workin on my car and this one kid (friend/aquaintence) is like "he's ripped" and is like yelling tryna let everyone in the shop know, so up comes my teacher and talks to me tryna investigate me, I have learned to flip situations vry well so I end up getting mad at my teacher and telling him not to believe everything someone tells him...

    Hopefully this made sense, Im high as fuck... :smoke:
  15. Not ppl we hang out with, this was a big party and they happened to be there. We walked all the way to the party so we stayed long enuf to smoke some more then we headed home. I definatly would never hang out with people that stupid.
  16. yezzir
  17. Yeah that just comes to show that some people actually think that when you smoke pot you are retarted, and its more addicting than herion...

    heh, but yeah i like the come back :smoking:
  18. ya dude i fucking agree 100% w/ every1 here i hate ppl who are like dude u fucking idiot why are u so dumb smoking can ruin ur life ...im like u at u there with that beer in your hand. that fucking kills not this plant in my hand dumbass have fun w/ ur hangover tomorow
  19. They probably all ran because you actually yelled "omg".
  20. hahaha +rep cuz that made me laugh

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