I hate people like this!

Discussion in 'General' started by webbist, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=37521

    Ok, I read all of that out of boredum, and I was completely disghusted. Ok, he copmlains and bitches about the feeling of being high and how it was so scary... He calls it an "Out of Body Experience" (basicly, he was stoned as fuck.. never outter body). Towards the end, he quotes "I took about 4 short hits and had a similar ordeal to the one I had had two weeks earlier. I smoked another joint two weeks following that as well, having just 2 hits, and had a repeat experience."... 2 hits off a joint and being stoned? WTF IS HE SMOKING? Geez.. He acts like he's advising against weed how bad it can be...

    That just pissed me off.. what do you guys think about it? I think his "experience" would have been awesome to feel, but he's all being a baby about it.
  2. I think he needed to know what to expect first. I read another experience report on erowid a while ago, of some guy who smoked with his little brother, then called 911 and had an ambulance take him to the hospital cause he thought he was dying. I think i recall it saying that some nurses or doctors were laughing at him after he told them that he smoked weed.
  3. lol, that shit happens all the time. here around white salmon at least once a month someone takes themselves to the emergency room cause they took some E or lsd or dxm and think theyre dying. its hillarious
  4. I hate the people who smoke one hit of shitty mersh.. bounce off the walls, get caught and claim that Marijuana ruined their lives. I can't fucking stand those people.
  5. lol, first time i smoked weed i didn't even realize i was high until i look back at it... I smoked with 2 of my friends and my older brother. My brother started freaking out and saying he felt like he was on fire (he smoked previous to this session). Now he doesn't smoke anymore and has become a NARC basically. What a dumb bitch.
  6. Thats how my last gf was.. she turned into a whorish narc
  7. Maybe it possibly had something to do with the pills he had been taking for the past 6 months? It could have caused him to react quite badly.

    Otherwise he just really cant handle ganja, sounds pretty fucked up though, I mean ive never heard of people losing vision or experiencing out of body sensations??

    Worst thats happened to me before was becoming semi paralysed, but it was actually quite funny, all i was doing was lying on the floor, stoned as fuck, not really able to move much.

    This guy just sounds over the top though, I mean even when i overdosed on Mdma, I new all I had to do was wait it out, thankfully if anything life threatening did happen to me that time, then there was plenty of people around to help.
  8. It's bullshit....posted by some god fearing AOL using moron. The very same morons that have anti-drug protests. The very same morons who collectively TAKE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY without you even getting a chance to vote.

    I hope they all go off a fucking cliff in their morality-mobile...
  9. Every drug affects different people different ways. Closest thing I've ever had to that was my heart started beating really fast and had a lot of chest pains, but that was a mixture of weed, a couple dif kinds of booze, and salvia. I think it might of been heartburn.

  10. That would be the alcohols toxins rasing your blood pressure an pushing more blood around to despertly clean you of the filth ya put into it.

    Followed up by our good friend salvia which has been known to up the heart beat

    Then toss in pot...it may relax your body an system but it can't totally counteract the effects of the rest and it does raise blood pressure (this is for the most part from the smoke intake) and up the heartbeat...

    You remove the alcohol and you'd be better off...I've mixed pot an saliva fairly well. It calmed me down even more removed saliva's mind drain a bit and seemed to allow for more jumpy dreams. Salvia alone seemed to product slow flowing dreams.

    This kinda stuff is either 100% bullshit cooked up by some aol using mommy with too much time on her hands lol or someone getting some really nasty plastic bit filled swag or they did all you did but obviously more so.
  11. I know what you mean about salvia and slow dreams, that's one of the best parts of smoking it. 3 hours feels like an eternity.
  12. heh, just got done reading it. Yeah he sounded like me when i drank 2 full bottle of Delsym (dextromanthorphene, around 160Ml of it) and i was buggin the fuck out, i fitted into the discription but i was also hallucinating, and i wanted it to all come to an end and tried to kill myself by jumping off the 2nd floore at my local mall. But yeah, that kid is weak, 2 hits off a JOINT and he got that fucked up. I dont think its the medicine hes been taking, because weed doesent have much of a poisoning effect mixed with other medical pills unlike alcohol does. but i want whatever hes smokin.

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