I hate people like this

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  2. "Federal authorities have been established by God"

    The most corrupt authority was established by God? You don't say.

    Some people are just clueless birds.
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    I cant believe that.Who told this lady this nonsense?What book does she get federal authorities were established by God?
  4. Rabbits do? Not sure what that has to do with the bible.

    Rabbits do digest food twice though.
  5. that article is fucking ridiculous... stupid!
  6. Why do people always asume we only smoke joints I probably smoke one joint a month I'd much rather use some glass or a vape joints are the worst way to smoke health wise and they waste a ton of weed I could make a single joint worth of bud last a week with my vape
  7. I believe there is a greater power out there that had a contributing factor to the creation of earth, my opinion is there's no douche with a beard sittin on a cloud or his son running about in robes, when your dead your dead blaze up!
  8. Omg thanks for the laugh man.
  9. I'm a Christian and I do not like the government/corporations/mass media. I don't smoke weed anymore, but I have no problem with people who use it for the right reasons.
  10. And youre on here why?

  11. I'm on here because i used to be a heavy weed smoker and i like the community. ive been here for 2 years and it's the only forum i visit.

    you don't have to be a stoner to be a stoner if you know what i'm sayin
  12. that was a good laugh
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    There is no group of retarded, hypocritical assholes I hate more than fundamentalist christians.

    and catholics/they're even worse
  14. There are far worse groups out there lol.
  15. Most christians are lost in translation. The true essence of Christianity is peace and love.
  16. I may have been exaggerating:rolleyes:

  17. word? Thats what they say about every religion. They should drop the brand names and call it peace and love, see if holy wars still occur. The funny and sad part is they would
    " My peace and love is right" "No my peace and love is right, die!"
  18. ^ That is the voice of mary jane, much respect to you. I technically am christian but I'm not that big on it. I think that all the different types of catholics/christians should ACTUALLY READ the bible and pick up on it's teachings, not take it all out of context. People need to stop arguing and not force their beliefs and opinions on others. It's fucking ridiculous (like you said)
  19. Thats how I feel, most are looking at the the bible seeing only what they want to see, using it as some sort of "proof" to shove their opinions down everybody's throats starting all sorts of shit. Ever heard of westboro baptist church (http://www.godhatesfags.com/index.html) they go and protest at the deaths of homosexual soldiers funerals. Look into them, I can't possibly think of a better example of rouge "christians"

  20. Exactly. Under that logic it was God who set up separation of church and state.

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