I hate my sisters husband.

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    to start it off get ready for a shock, I have 1 brother and 5 sisters, 3 more including miscarriges, 3 of my sisters are from my Step Dad, my brother is from another guy, my other sister is from another guy, and my other sister is from another guy. Me? I'm a bastard. In case you don't know that means I don't know who my real father is. I know what your thinking...my Mom is a real hoe. Well maybe she is but ANYWAY,
    My sister got pregnant when she was 15 by a random guy, thankfully she has a good husband who I approve of (I actually work for his company) and they have 6 kids believe it or not.
    Now my other sister is really cool, however when she was 16 she went to stay at her friends house which was like 6 hour drive away from our place, she starts fucking this stupid punk. He keeps telling her that hes sterile (that means he can't have kids)
    He tells that to my Mom and Step Dad, by then they were really careful because of what happened with my other sister. They made the 6 hour drive just to tell him to USE A CONDOM
    he says he sterile, they say USE A CONDOM, he says hes sterile, they say USE A CONDOM. Finally he says he'll use a condom.
    Parents go home, at peace knowing he'll USE A CONDOM.
    Few days later...you geussed it! Shes pregnant, he obviously didn't USE A CONDOM.
    If you think thats bad, this 18 year old then comes to our house and makes out with my 13 year old sister. He gets in trouble, then he marries my sister that he got pregnant.
    After he marries her, the dumb muthafucka comes back and makes out with my 13 year old sister again. What a punk.
    It gets found out, my sister who he got pregnant goes through a HUGE emotional thing, but her being such a sweet person decides to forgive him.
    Later on she finds out hes been fucking this underage girl, and thats it, she divorced him and took the 2 kids and moved into my Step Dads apartment, (he moved out when I was 13.)
    Sorry for the long read GC, I needed to vent this, it was totally in the past but I never ceased to be pissed at that guy.
    By the way that jerks 2 brothers are constantly trying to get my sister (the one who was 13 before) in bed. Thier whole Family consists of peverts. Once again GC sorry, just needed to get shit off my chest you know? Have a nice smoke if your having one, and if somebodys fucking your sister...make sure he USES A CONDOM. My sister went through 7 horrible years married to a jerk because of this.
    Have a nice night and nice smoke if your going to smoke.
  2. I didn't read any of that.
  3. I wouldn't read it either if I saw a post that long, especially if I was high, no offense taken
  4. Wait, your parents drove 6 hours to tell some kid to fuck their daughter with a condom on?

    What the fuck!
  5. Here's your sign!

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  6. He was being a jerk so they wanted to talk to both of them personally, that guy was total jerk, he had no respect for women at all. I mean, I'm not a saint but he cheated on my sister like 4 times, and she kept forgiving him. Personally if I had a girl I really loved I just wouldn't be able to cheat on her, it would just make me feel really bad afterwards, especially if I was high
  7. I grew up in a missionary family that was all into free love, they let her have sex when she turned 16.
  8. Wow.. I feel better after reading that for some reason :eek:
  9. Why didn't she just take birth control?
  10. sorry to hear all that shit man. my next blunt is for you
  11. wow. goi is to japan as north mississippi is to america?
  12. haha yea, sometimes we hear bout shit that makes our lives seem great, even though its kinda fucked up if u think about it....

    for me its fat people
  13. Oh damn, that's some Jerry Springer shit :eek: sorry man, that sucks
  14. ^what she said
  15. 2 of my sisters were before but it had some bad effects on them so they thought it was a bad idea.
  16. nah, its a city about 2 hours drive from Tokyo, clubs and bars on every road. Filipinos, Koreans, Chinese, Brazilians, and Iranians live there. LOTS of minorities. Actually sort of a dangerous place. One thing screwed up about it is more people there take meth then weed.
    What is this world coming to! That more people use crack and meth in this city then WEED!
  17. thought weed was extermly illegal there?
  18. Wow. Goddamn.

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