I hate my room mate

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brownstain, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. hahahaha
  2. When I first glanced at this I thought it says "I ate my room mate" heh.
  3. well, as of right now he's in the same room as me. I'm pretending that I am on the computer doing my homework. He's sniffing constantly and wrestling his stuff from across the room like he's mad. lol
  4. Mannnnnn. At least your roommate isn't bringing in random bitches at random times of the day and fucking right in front of you while you're trying to do your homework or study. He's also not puking all over the fucking room every single weekend and being disrespectful all hours of the day. Be grateful that your situation isn't as terrible as what others have to put up with. For now just keep going along with this shit and try to get used to it. There isn't much you can do but complain to an RA if it gets too out of hand for you. RA's are likely to relocate you to another room or even another dorm.
  5. Now that he's with me I think i'll finish the story just to escape from this guy.

    As I finished packing my things into the room the guy's first words were "Hey, are you new to college?" I said "Yeah". He replied back "first year?" I then said "Yeah". Then after that I told him I missed orientation and I have no idea where my classes are, surprisingly he told me to follow him and he showed me around the campus. At this point I thought I made my first friend in college...boy was I fucking wrong. (Note: the entire time he was directing me to my classes he was either acting depressed or cracking extremely cheesy jokes. I thought this was normal for a change and continued to hang around with him until I became comfortable with my way around the university.) Well, this continued on throughout the entire day until night fall came. He seemed like a cool person, he played diablo 2 and had an interest in the 2012 hoax on youtube like I did. No harm there. I just thought he was tired and wanted to rest from whatever the fuck he was doing.

    ---- the story stops again so i can answer questions----

  6. Just to add on to the story. My room mate's previous room mate was a black guy. According to him he was an alcoholic and stunk up the room to the point where it smelt like sweaty socks. He wore boots all the time and had a playboy magazine (which I later found out to be some swim suit mag), needless to say I wondered why he brought this up to me. At first I was amused and then when I lost interest in his story he came up with annoying, lame jokes to pull me back into his dumb story.
    Here's an example:

    My Room Mate: (sitting on his bed, facing me) Hey guess what?
    Me: (on the bed trying to go to sleep) Yeah
    My Room Mate: remember the black guy who used to stay here
    Me: what about him?
    My Room Mate: I have his cell phone number!
    Me: Ok, good for you.
    My Room Mate: I'm going to call him right now!
    Me: go ahead
    My Room Mate: You want to talk to him?
    Me: no
    My Room Mate: I'm calling him

    Afterwards he eventually found out that what he said was a dumb joke, and it just died by itself.
  7. I totally understand how annoying that could be, especially if you're living with it and having to put up with it all day every day. However shit like this is normal. You're not alone and plenty others have a lot more to complain about. Forgive me if i'm mistaken but you just sound like you need a weekend home, away from school. It's almost as if you're not a people person. You have to realize that not everyone can be as mature as you. My roommate is pretty much the same as yours, only she's a female, short, black, and smells. I put up with it because i know that others deal with shit ten times worse. I rather put up with her annoying ass all day than a roommate that steals my shit and is just plain obnoxious. Mine, all i have to do is get a little high and bam problem solved. Oh and i light a lot of candles even though it's against the rules. Air freshner runs out too quickly. Just stick with it for the rest of the semester if you can. If not, i highly reccommend you stop complaining to us and go to an RA. They're the only ones that can help solve this dilemma of yours.
  8. Later on that night in my new dorm room, my room mate and I watched "The passion of the christ" and we both observed the movie and commented on certain parts (he claims to be a christian, which I don't mind). That's when I started to like him, it's when after the movie we decided to use the internet on his laptop (i'm using my own laptop at the moment) to look up random videos on youtube. I showed him shit I thought was amusing and funny, like failblog, but he didn't laugh one bit. That's when he took over and looked up fat chicks in bikinis and slideshows of fat women, this is when I noticed something wrong with him. He was looking at nasty women and saying they were hot, I was getting ready to barf. After that unfortunate night he's been getting on my nerves ever since. Almost everyday he would brag about random shit, like how he loves to work out and play football. Even when I walked with him close by the houston football stadium he wanted to jump over the metal fence and play around with the football exercise gear, saying shit like" Hey, if we do that then everyone will think we are cool!"

    Summary: My room mate is disturbed
  9. Yet you keep trying to befriend him...
    If you're not feeling him then just ignore him. Just because you live with someone doesn't mean you have to invite them everywhere you're off to. You could've easily just left the room when you were done watching the movie or gone off to do your own thing on your own laptop.

  10. As odd as this may seem, I love talking to people and that's how I managed to ignore this dumb fuck room mate of mine for nearly three weeks. I thought that from all the people I've met staying with this guy for 5 months wouldn't be so bad at all. But now I can't take it anymore. The guy is too disturbing as shit, believe me I have much patience. As a medical health student at my high school I've been directed many times to various special aid classrooms, where some students smell like fresh assholes and drool the entire time I try to help them spell their name and write in cursive. I can stand students with down syndrome, but not this guy. Hell, i'll be heading my ass over to the RA first thing on monday. Even when I was sent to bootcamp for drug possession, I met with jr gang bangers and they seem more normal than him.
  11. I had a pretty great experience at dorms but holy fuck I met some creepers.

    End of 1st year we met a dude who admitted he likes to take advantage of drunk chicks so my buddy broke his nose.
  12. holy fuck lol He must have went out cold

    Oh yeah, as I was typing all this shit out I noticed my room mate was getting his things together. As I finished typing out the last post his dad walked in and took his clothes, when I checked to see what was up all his stuff was taken out. I guess after telling him to shut up he decided to leave first. Drag, i wanted to go..he beat me to it lol :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    I'm so happy! Man i need a joint. He's gone for good. Man I feel like such an asshole!!! :D
  13. are you the sexy lady in your avatar OP???? no wonder hes such a creeper!!! he wants to wash his winkie in your kitchen sinkie no doubt!!!.

    but ya im sure your a dude, i didnt think they put guys in girls in the same rooms.
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    sounds like youve tried over and over to get along with this kid.He seems to me to be a bit shletered. You guys are just 2 differnt people. I sugest you try and get a new roomate or a apt next to school. But before you try that i sugest you try gettin drunk with him to "bond" you never know you guys might have alot of fun and finally hit it off.

    If he was on his HS football team he must know how to down some beers. o and you said he cheked out to be a virgin how do you know? it does sound like he is though! Good luck man and try drinking with him it chould bring out the best of you 2.

    i just read that hes gone o well GOOD FOR YOU!

  15. Yeah, i need to change my avatar. I'm definitely a dude with a penis. as for girls in the same rooms, i heard only if you are married they can let you and your chick together.

  16. I'm an angry drunk, if I was drunk right now I would have thrown my laptop on the floor and took a square shit on the keyboard. But I doubt that guy ever got intoxicated. I told him I tried pot, shrooms, and blow when we first talked. He told me that he couldn't understand why people would try drugs. I told him I had friends who we grouped up together and did it under the good buddy system and he just said that I was dumb. He even said people who try pot are losers. As for the HS football, he claims to have played with houston's most famous players that went to the NFL to make millions or some shit. He's lying off his ass, he then said that he helps out with the university football team and I said "So? Are you the waterboy or something?" and he just went off on a different subject concerning football. As for him being a virgin, I told him I got some chick's number in less than a week and he got all jealous and started to talk smack about lame I was. Then I asked him if he ever got some before, then got out his wallet and showed me a homecoming or prom picture that he attended with some chick. I then asked if he fucked her and he just looked at the wall and said some crap like "Well....you know" all smiling at the sametime. Then I went on my laptop and showed him some hardcore porn and he was all like "Dude! That's sick!". I got so offended by his response that I just looked at him all funny and continued to surf for porn. I even brought up my mexican strip club experiences about how you can get your dick sucked by getting a lap dance for 80 pesos and how young and hot the chicks were over there, and the whole time the dumb ass kept interrupting me saying " What's your problem boy!?" (he wasn't mad, just embarrassed I guess. I even asked him if he saw a girl naked before, and he just went off topic saying that he saw a guy naked before (then I stopped talking to him for two days cause I thought he was gay).
  17. Haha glad to hear he left man, i'm goin to college and im REALLY fucking glad i didn't live in the dorms, instead i live in a sweet ass apt with 2 friends i know and enjoy the company of, and since there's 3 of us, my rent's only like 450 a month.

    It'd suck so much to have to live with a smelly creeper or something, especially in those cramped dorms.

    Awesome that he left tho, are you getting a new roomie? Or do you just get the room to yourself?
  18. lol I know how you feel. My bro almost got ripped off in the apartment he was staying at, some guy selling 8th of mids for 80 bucks. As for my other two roomates, they're chill, just this one fucker was too damn odd. Oh well, I guess he fucked off for good. I doubt I'm allowed to stay by myself though, if my room mate moves to an apartment then I have the room to myself the whole semester. But if he relocated somewhere in the dorm then somebody has to take my room.

  19. Wow..... Am I the only one who's imaginative picture of this room mate guy looks like Cheech from Cheech n Chong?

    I knew it. Dude, he's just so weird cause he's smoking the tide stick (not many people will get that joke).
  20. I'm also hispanic but he's more white complected though. So if I was to compare myself to C or C it might as well be chong man
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