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  1. Okay, let me start off by saying that I'm new to college. I'm proud to say that I am fortunate enough to even go to college since I missed out on a lot after getting expelled for possessing shit on a school field trip to the mall on the last month prior to graduation. Since my high school had my final transcripts it was nearly impossible for me to even apply for college, but nevertheless my father helped me get back on track, I got admitted to the university of Houston at the last second. I only had one precious semester wasted but it was better than not attending a university at all. Needless to say I got lucky and hopefully I don't fuck anything up in the long run. I gave up the refer for now in order to reach my goal as a surgeon, and I've never been so happy with myself. Though I would like to dedicate this entire thread to all the shit that's happened to me over the course of the past year I have yet to steam all my anger off at a certain nobody: My goddamn room mate.

    January 2009

    My college experience started not too long ago, classes started on January 19th and I almost immediately discovered the convenience of campus life before my 400 mile drive away from home, everything is done over the internet these days so registering was a breeze. I was deeply excited, I never really felt fully independent before. There was no need to work to support myself financially, all I needed to do was get the grades. I had my letters of recommendation at hand, everything was set. But even though my father left me all alone far away from my hometown with nothing to familiarize anything with, I surely took this chance to study and understand my new surroundings. Two days before classes started, my dad decided to leave me to the dorms after staying with him at various hotels for nearly a week in order to develop a solid grip of the city. The longer I stayed with my father the more confident I became, thus letting him know that it was time to leave me by myself with no guidance. I had all my things packed in back of the rental car, bags of clothes and a black box to keep my money in for good measure. I brought all my things up to the dorm after checking in with the housing office. I was informed previously that all the dorm rooms were occupied except for one quad room (a room that consists of 2 pairs of individuals sharing one bathroom), surely enough my dad signed up for me. That's when the housing department gave me my dorm key, which is now knotted to my ID card to prevent misplacing it (i have a habit of losing stuff). Surely enough I headed up to the second floor with most of my belongings, as I came across my room I used the key and opened up the door. I laid my things on the bed that didn't have any sheets, figuring that it was my bed. I left and proceeded to get the last of my things, when I came back I noticed somebody standing in the distance. I continued to walk closer to my dorm room until I noticed that it was just some guy standing there as if he was waiting for someone. As I reached my dorm room and it became obvious enough that he was my room mate.

    Now here's where everything got rather odd. Immediately after seeing the expression on his face I knew he was going to bother me. I know what I typed was a rather blunt depiction, but it takes a lot of personal experience to actually be sure on what kind of a person you're dealing with. As for me, I've been hanging out with all kinds of idiots and jerk offs all my life, so shit like this is never surprising. But to those of you readers out there who are still wondering on what he looks like, I'll just describe him to you.

    Hispanic Male, 5'7
    Crappy Mustache
    Chunky appearance
    Depressed facial features
    Wears plain T-shirt and Black Jeans with knee pockets
    Short hair cut that looks like a mini afro
    Has a homosexual stare
    Talks with a crappy Texan accent
    Acts like he's tough
    Football Fanatic
    Has a hard time maintaining a conversation
    Cracks his fingers constantly
    Seems to be a virgin (He checked out, I'll get to that later)
    thinks fat chicks are hilarious and tells tasteless jokes
    VIBE killer

    I'll continue my story later, I have class now.
  2. class on a saturday?
  3. I'm taking 17 hours in college, that includes saturday courses.
  4. dude... im sorry but you sound like an asshole, #1 you named off physical features... which has nothing to do with someone as a person and #2 if he's as much as a "loser" you describe him to be... show him a couple of things. Show him how to keep a conversation going, how to get some girls etc. Don't just judge the guy man help him out.
  5. Wait until I finish the story. Then you will change your mind completely. This guy has a mind of his own, he does not want to change.
  6. ^this
  7. k sorry if i jumped to conclusions, just the way it seemed... didn't realize your story wasn't finished my fault.
  8. No problem, I wanted you to have a heads up. Describing someone is way more different than posting an actual picture on the internet. What I'm describing to you can be in the hundreds of thousands of people in existence. Anyways, he took advantage of my kindness by starting fights with me and steals shit from me. The guy's a real dickhead in reality. But I'll get to that later.
  9. never mind, i don't care anymore

  10. neither does this guy:D

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  11. come on with the story lol but are you a freshman? is there a requirment that you have to live in a dorm your first yr? alota bad things can happen to a person who lives in a dorm i have found maybe you can get out? move n2 an apartment in the area. or if you want to drop to his level or maybe lower, put a lil shit on him. of corse that is not the right thing to do and it might hit you back later on in life. if you really want to grow in another way while at college why dont you simply call him out. sit him down and calmly, peacefully, and listen and talk to him (notice i said listen first, then talk) and have a talk with him. after that try and set up a cam sumwhere so you can watch your room and find out what is really going on and get it fixed.
  12. Come on, finish the story!
  13. Where I go to school you have to live in the dorms for 2 years, unless you have a legit excuse such as allergies bla bla, its all bullshit though lol
  14. If thats you in that avatar I don't know what the fuck that dumbass is trying to do..
  15. Finish the godamn story.
  16. You're just leaving us here to want the story. Dick move, dude.
  17. speaking to me?
  18. Well, after I came back from history I noticed that I was in a good mood and eat some subway.
    Then came back and listened to some music and forgot all about what I was going to type. But the reason
    why I made this thread is because my room mate pissed me off last night to the point where it just got
    ridiculous. I sent a message to my brother about that night:

    Good god man, just last night my room mate was moaning and annoying the shit out of me all night. No joke. He has a simple cold but acts as if he has cancer or something, After an hour of patiently ignoring him I got fed up and told him to "Shut the fuck up", and he got up from his bed like he was bad ass and said "hey I have a cold". I added that I could stand his coughing, but the moaning shit pissed me off and told him repeatedly to shut up. Plus I had a history class and needed plenty of sleep in order to pay attention. Nevertheless he did shut up, but this morning he made a lot of racket by waking up bright and early (he doesn't have any classes on Saturday so there was no reason as to why he would wake up at 8:00 a.m.). There's a window by my bed in which he looked through the blinds for no reason (just to annoy me). I even have a slight cold that I got from him, the retard walks all over the place and brags about the places that he's been to. It's fucking sad, he wants me to think he has a social life. I really wanted to kill him but the best thing would to sign up for another room. I hope I can, if not i'm sleeping outside the hallway. I'm also putting my valuables in that black box you used to have, I don't trust him worth of shit. I also need to get more water bottles, the fucker keeps stealing mine. The guy's a creepy fucker, sometimes when I go to sleep and wake up suddenly I see him glancing at me. Boy, i've met some real assholes in my time but this guy is just plain weird.
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    There are some pretty attractive apartments near my dorm, but my dad thought it would be better to stay near the campus (the apartments are at least 100 feet away from my dorm). I understand when you say "Hey man, be rational to the guy", I tried doing that. We were in good terms when I first moved in, but later on when he found out that I didn't play football in highschool he thought I was whimpy or something (exactly in his own words). The guy's too fucking weird, he looks and somewhat acts normal, but when you talk to him he's a completely different person. It's hard to explain, I have to secretly videotape him in order for you to understand. I actually thought he murdered a person before. I'm dead fucking serious.
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