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I HATE my parents.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xxfinnacexx, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So i get home from work today and I find that the house has been cleaned. I think nothing of it. Then I go to roll a joint and i find that my box with my bong, lighters, and my 2gs of dank is gone. Immediately i search the house and find nothing but the container my weed is in and now its empty. So I call me mom up and she like ya talk to your father -_-. He is the biggest pot head ever, vapes everyday. I'm waiting until he gets home to talk to him but i doubt ill get my shit back.

    Any tips on what i should tell him? Other that wtf stay out of my shit.

    p.s. im 19 and cant afford to have my own place while in college
  2. Get a safe.
  3. Hide your supply better.
  4. Paybacks a bitch. He raised your ass for 19 years. If my dad stole my weed i wouldn't say shit to him.

    Actually my dad routinely takes my zig zags, lighters, and he even took a bowl once. I said nothing. When you start paying rent then you can start talking shit.

    If you got money to buy a bong and 2gs of dank you can move out.
  5. Yeah gimme my shit back and ill share.
  6. How do you hate your parents? They didn't do anything and probably won't.
  7. #7 egnops das bob, Nov 21, 2011
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    Your father pays for your food, roof over your head, clothes, car and gas (maybe)...

    He probably ran dry, found your stash and thought "fuck it, I deserve this".

    Or he's a dick. I don't know your dad :p

    edit: but saying you hate your parents, too far bro. Relax, plus you even capitalized it haha.
  8. dude more than likely he bought all those items his self so that would make each and everyone of those items his property and if its gone thats called stealing if my parents stole my stuff that I payed for they had better have my shit or pay me for the value of my stuff or they really really wouldnt like the outcome of the situation not everyones rich dude and who are you to judge another person.

  9. They wont do anything because they have no way of justifying wrong.

  10. I disagree ive seen people who were a couple hundred behind on rent and were stilling smoking and when i said what the hell are they doing they just told me "20 bucks once a week isn't going to pay off my rent"

    For alot of people weed is one of the only things that gets them some time off from life because they can't afford some of the nicer things.

    Now im not calling anyone poor but you have to keep in mind other peoples sitatutions.
  11. To all who are saying "they pay for your house, food, ect ect!", that may be true, but who asks to be born into this shit? It's their responsibility to pay for those things no matter what, as consequence of fucking and creating a baby.

    Stealing is still stealing no matter who does it.
  12. exactly i agree with that completely.
  13. "So I call me mom up..."

    Dude you are calling your mom when you can't find your weed! I love your parents.
  14. Well one thing youre lucky your parents allow you to partake in the sweet ganja. I dont know your life, all i know is dont hate them.

    maybe you are getting worked up for nothing. they might of stashed it for a reason.

    just take a step back, and focus.

    Hope it works out.

  15. You have poor problem solving abilities.
  16. Fake books. Nobody ever checks there. I'm moving back home in a few weeks, and I intend to stick with that, though I'll probably have to throw away my ceramic bong as I doubt I'll have a safe place to stash it.

    But yeah. Get a safe or something. Chalk up a rational conversation with your dad if he really is a stoner. Parents are just concerned about the wellbeing of their kids. At least good ones. I doubt they took your stash and pieces from you just to be asshats. Ultimately, just hide your stuff better.

  17. I read this and them my mom came into my room and told me im a fucking drug addict and she will never accept me. So basically im just going to stop this post here b/c i feel the more i read, the more i will be pissed off.
  18. Your dad: "I need some weed hmmmmmmm oh yeah that little bastard smokes i'ma jack that fool"
  19. don't say you hate your parents, mine would kill me if they found the shit I have stashed away

  20. Translation: Mom, dadd, that's MY illegal substance and paraphernalia! Miiiine! I paid for it and like...give it back! Because even though it could get you to lose your house, and you're my parents and just looking out for me, I demand it back and like...I hates you! Pay me or you won't like the outcome. That's right. I'm threatening you.

    I can't facepalm hard enough. That is all.

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